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Kawaii smiled "I have a Seedot too. I actually have to feed him now hang on." she got up and went into the other room and came back with her Seedot, Tengu cradled in her hand. She set him down and began to feed him soup. The Seedot let out a echoing sigh after every spoonful. It's eyes were pure black instead of filled in normally.
Frighya closed her eyes and synced her mind with her new Woobat friend, Now, open our eyes.
Rumpleteaser squeeked as an idea came to her "L-little M-miss c-could w-we h-have a-a s-straw p-please!"
The Ledyba nodded and flew over plunking a straw in the dewpider's soup.
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Kawaii nodded "I can tell."
Tonks looked entranced by Kieth's stories , but shook her head "Maybe you can tell me later?"
Frieghya nodded We found some other cool stuff as well that day.
Rumpleteaser said nothing but let herself be soothed by the sweet scent coming from Pamona's flower "I-i'll b-be o-okay." she finally murmured.

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