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"Yeah, dey seem ta be gettin' along pretty well," Meowth observed. "Eva since 2012, Keith's kinda had more of an appreciation fer da Shuppet evolution line den he used to."

Keith smiled. "I've always been fascinated by these kinds of Pokémon," he admitted. "In fact, when I was seven years old, a Missingno. saved my life."

It is no problem, the Starmie responded. Captain Stomach does great things. I would absolutely never wish to put him in jeopardy by revealing his secret identity.

Pomona's mouth fell open a little as Rumpleteaser explained about the abusive home she came from. "That's awful," she murmured, tears in her eyes. She continued to hug the Skitty, while her flower let out a soothing Sweet Scent.

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