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"Cool," grinned Gold. "I seen her before, don't think I actually met her personally."

"I'd like to meet her as well," nodded Chance. "She and Keith are good friends, I hear."

Millicent smiled proudly. Albus then crawled up beside them, also looking up at it. "How'd you beat that Conkeldurr?" she asked Millicent.

"For a while I wasn't," replied Millicent. "I was getting my ass kicked, until his Fire Punch burned me. That activated Guts, and I started turning things around."

"Interesting," murmured Albus. Then, he noticed Freighya. "Oh, I'm sorry- what's your name?" he asked the pink Eevee. "And how did your fur get so pink?"

Keith followed Sophie down the hallway. "It was no problem," he said in response to Sophie's thanks. He nodded as she lamented her having to stay behind, citing her desire to destroy Team Catalyst thoroughly for all the crap they've pulled. Keith thought something sounded a bit off about that- he saw no fault with her desire to destroy Team Catalyst, of course, but the way she said it was what got Keith pondering it. As someone who had raised two Banette, Keith could tell, it sounded as though Sophie's beef with Team Catalyst was a bit more personal than she let on. He didn't press the matter, however. He simply nodded again as Sophie conceded that she couldn't complain, considering all that had been accomplished. "Just happy I could help," he stated. "In fact, if you guys ever need my help with Team Catalyst again, I can give you my Xtransceiver number," he offered, for this took place before Keith got his Z-Ring, and therefore, before he swapped out said Xtransceiver for a PokéGear, though the number to contact him would remain the same.

As Keith got to the PC, he set right to work, swapping out his Dusknoir for his Scolipede. "Alright," he grinned, clutching the Scolipede's ball in his hand. "Aaaand, all set," he stated. "Hey, Jake, you need a ride?" he asked. "Salazar's always cool with extra passengers, and I got nowhere to be today."

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