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Happy UPN Day!

I actually hail from 2007, on an account that will stay dead and buried. (Oops, I hope admitting that doesn't get me banned. ;^;) I came back in the day for FB, and I came again for FB this year. I got to take part in the revolution, and I'm very much enjoying a new and functional game sans some of the, well... tyranny.

My UPN story is getting the gracious Kuno to implement justified alignment on the forums, which cements this place as the best forum on the internet. So few other places recognize the superiority of the justify alignment, but it is truly the best of the alignments.

I've reconnected with some old friends here; Jeri, Muyo, Furizaa, Alto -- it's been good, it's been nice. I'm not sure I'd ever get to take part in a UPN meetup though I'm open to the idea and I think it'd be very nice.

Meet me at
Spirit ★ World


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