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"Youse should tell Keith dat yer learnin' Eevee language," Meowth suggested.

"Isn't it?" Keith agreed, smiling. "And there's pictures of the other forms as well," he added, flipping through the book. First, an image of a sinister-looking ghost with disembodied hands, shrouded in a purple-orange aura. Then, an image of a sentient Aerodactyl skeleton soaring through the sky. Finally, an image of a sentient Kabutops skeleton roaming a beach. "I've actually seen one of those as well," he added, pointing to the Kabutops Skeleton Missingno. "Me and my Beedrill battled one once. What's cool about them is that they have no set type, and they just take on the attacks of Pokémon near them. The one I'm talking about knew all the same attacks as my Weavile- well, he was a Sneasel back then."

Crabbe... and Captain Stomach... are one and the same?
Andromeda murmured telepathically, sounding stunned. I... I never would have guessed it.

"Yeah, and neither would pretty much anyone else, and that's undoubtedly what he's counting on," stated Cyanide. "You're keeping this secret, right?"

Naturally, Andromeda responded. I did promise, after all.

Pomona looked surprised. "No one?" she repeated. She couldn't fathom the idea that her new friend had never received such praise from anyone else. Unsure what to say, she instead extended a few vines and gently hugged Rumpleteaser.

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