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Hiero breathed a sigh of relief as the battle was now over and Junpei the Heracross was now an official member of his team. He knelt down next to Tomoko and congratulated her on a hard fought battle, giving her a well-earned rest in her Pokeball. Turning his attention back to Junpei, Hiero decided to follow through on his promise to treat his Pokemon to a good lunch and heal them up in the process. Getting back to his feet, Hiero set course for the rangers’ cabin, which was located in the Galea Plains; a resting place for trainers to heal their injured Pokemon and regroup.

As he headed South in the direction of the Galea Plains, Hiero noticed as the trees in the forest began to thin out very gradually. Many of the trees were smaller in size too, in comparison to some of the behemoths that grew in the Cloud Forest. He continued walking south for about an hour, accompanied only by the chirping of birds, the buzzing of insects, and the gentle rustle of leaves in the wind above. Eventually the forest trail took him through one last cluster of trees before opening up into the expansive foothills that were the Galea Plains.

Lush green rolling hills beneath a vast blue sky extended as far as the eye could see before him, with a wall of trees marking the Cloud Forest behind him. A few small trees scattered the plains before Hiero, providing small oases of shade atop some of the hills. A signpost next to where Hiero stood at the forest’s edge marked directions to all kinds of areas in the Cloud Garden, including the Galea Plains before him, the Cloud Forest behind him, and many others, but one direction of note pointed him to the southwest; the Ranger’s Cabin.

Following the path in that direction, it wasn’t long until long before Hiero spotted a wooden cabin in the distance. As he approached it, Hiero noticed a sign on the door. It read, “Welcome, travelers! The ranger is out at the moment, but please make yourself at home!” Taking the message to heart, Hiero opened the door and stepped inside. Inside the cabin, he noticed that it was pretty bare-bones, but there were a number of cots for sleeping, a small kitchenette, and a healing machine for trainers to use. He walked over to the healing machine and placed Junpei and Tomoko’s Pokeballs in it, pressing the button to activate the machine.

While he waited for the healing machine to do its thing, Hiero looked around the kitchenette. In the cabinets above, there were containers of various kinds of food to cater to different kinds of Pokemon. There was also some bread and fruit on the counter and sandwich ingredients in the refrigerator. Hiero proceeded to make lunch for himself and his Pokemon. By the time he finished preparing the meal, the healing machine let out a “Ding!” to signify that it had finished. Sitting down at a table to eat with his Pokemon, Hiero noticed a poster on the wall.
“Looking to ascend Mt. Zephyria? Challenge the Cloud Garden trials today! Trial captains of the Galea Foothills can be located at the woodcutter’s cabin in the Cloud Forest and at the altar of the Stone Shrine. Once the first two trials have been cleared, one may travel up the Starline Waterfall!”
With a goal now in sight, Hiero had time to finish lunch with his Pokemon and prepare for the adventure ahead. He could do a number of things: explore the Galea Plains where he is now located, look to challenge one of the trials in the Cloud Forest or Stone Shrine, or travel to another area in the Galea Foothills to explore around. What will he choose? [Please reply in lightgreen]
Hiero was relieved to find that not only was there food in the cabin, but that the cabin offered a variety of different options to meet the dietary needs for a vast amount of Pokemon. Hiero was not shy to admit that he was fairly skilled at cooking, a talent he was quite proud of, having picked up the ability over the years he spent in Northern Sinnoh. While his Pokemon recovered from their intense battle, Hiero cooked a meal for them. Luckily, the pantry offered both a large container of natural Cloud Garden tree sap and different types of syrup as well as freeze-dried Corsola spikes.

After an hour or so, the food was ready: fluffy berry pancakes drizzled in syrup, and Corsola spikes marinated in an orange ginger glaze. As they ate, Hiero spent most of the meal trying to get to know his Pokemon a bit better, specifically the newest addition to his team, Junpei. The Heracross was somewhat reluctant to eat at first and seemed somewhat sheepish, probably in part due to sitting next to the Pokemon that had been its enemy just hours earlier. However, it quickly became apparent just how hungry the Pokemon was. After finally giving into its stomach, the Heracross attempted to suck the syrup out of the pancakes without eating them, but once Hiero showed it how pancakes were eaten, the Heracross' demeanor seemed to change rapidly. It became noticeably happier and more willing to communicate cordially with Hiero and the Mareanie, as though it were slowly beginning to accept its new team as his home.

Hiero took notice of the fact that the Heracross seemed to be particularly interested in listening to him tell stories of famous Pokemon battles of the past, and could see that his tales seemed to excite it the longer he continued. Finally, after a moment of silence while cleaning the dishes, Hiero stopped and turned to the Heracross.

"Junpei: How would you like to take the Cloud Forest Trial Challenge with me?"

The Heracross looked at Hiero and immediately understood. His demeanor became serious as he formed an 'X' shape with his arms, and then thrust them outwards to his sides, nodding as he did. There was no question; all the stories of battles had pumped this Pokemon up. Mareanie grinned excitedly at her new partner's reaction, clearly glad he was part of the team. Hiero smiled back at the Mareanie and pulled out her Pokeball. "You did great today Tomoko. You deserve a good, long rest." The Mareanie nodded and leaped into the air as Hiero retrieved her into the device.

"Well then, I suppose it's settled. Get ready Jun - we're headed back to the Cloud Forest."
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