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Originally Posted by Maskerade View Post
Should I let them? So much can go wrong in a place like this... Not that my being there with them would do them much good, what with my complete lack of battling skills. But there are countless studies proving the beneficial effects of giving one's Pokémon some freedom... Oh dear. What should I do?...

As always, Rorik was overthinking things. In truth, whatever his decision wound up being, it wouldn't matter anymore - Gottfried's Munchlax and the Adoption Centre's Staryu, the two Pokémon he carried on his travels, were already disembarking on Incognito Island while Professor Pine watched on from another ship. It seemed they were doing just fine on their own despite his indecisiveness...


Munchlax looked around, taking in the pleasant scents of Bubbling Beach - the ones he cared about, anyway, which pretty much amounted to the distant smell of grilled Finneon somewhere farther down the coast. He prepared to make a beeline in that direction, but for some strange reason, his body did not comply. It took him a while to process - as was usually the case - that it was his partner's doing: the silent, mind-boggingly boring Staryu that Rorik had adopted by mistake.

Come to think of it, he didn't recall ever wanting to come to Bubbling Beach in the first place - not that he minded gulping down Magikarp every now and again, but there were much more flavorful places on his list of priorities. The only possible explanation was that Staryu was responsible for this as well, likely having used it freakish powers to influence the Professor's mind. No, Munchlax didn't like Staryu very much, all in all.

The inedible starfish had already taken the initiative, scouring the sprawling sands for something Munchlax couldn't possibly guess. After all, the thing lacked a mouth, so it made no sense for it to be looking for food... and what else was there in the world worth searching for?
Maskerade- They had been sent off by their trainer for some independant experience but tensions were already running hot between the Munchlax and Staryu. The Munchlax had made his feelings towards the Staryu more than obvious, he despised the Staryu. To him it was likely the biggest mistake his trainer had ever made, the emotionless starfish was nothing more than a liability. For some reason it seemed to be acting out of its own self interest, something the Munchlax would likely not stand for. Following the spinning star down the beach, the Munchlax soon spots what appears to be a concession stand. A sudden burst of speed sees the Munchlax reach the stand in nearly an instant, he eagerly leans over the counter to see what they are selling.

Two squishy looking gastropods rest behind the counter, one coloured pink and brown, the other blue and green. The shelves were quite bare, a few rough looking berries, a handful of assorted items and a pair of broken Pokeballs. "Welcome to Gastrodon's Gastronomic Gallery", mutters the pink Gastrodon. "I'm afraid we aren't able to serve customers at the moment", interjects the blue Gastrodon, "we have a large order to cater for at the hot springs but we are having trouble getting there." The pink Gastrodon stretches its head up to look the Munchlax in the eye. It then cranes its head around to look at the Staryu who continues to scan the beach intently. "Think you could lend us a hand? If you could we would be more than happy to compensate you for your hard work."

A reward would certainly be appreciated, the Professor surely wouldn't be pleased if his Pokemon returned empty handed. The only issue was whether or not an understanding could be made between the Munchlax and Staryu, because at the moment their interests didn't seem to align at all.

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