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"Yeah," Meowth nodded. "Da cool ting, though, is dat if youse masters Eevee language, ya gets ta understand all da Eeveelution languages, too. When Myrtle taught Keith Shuppet language, he became able ta understand Banette language as well. He can speak dat fluently, too, though he only ever does it fer one person."

"You've never heard of Missingno.?" Keith asked. "OK, well, basically, Missingno. is a species of Pokémon that's very unique. It's got four possible forms- 'M Forme, Ghost Forme, Kabutops Skeleton Forme, and Aerodactyl Skeleton Forme," he explained. "Myrtle, when she was alive, was an 'M Forme Missingno.- I have a picture of what that would look like, in fact," he added, digging his copy of Kanto Myths and Legends out of his backpack. He flipped through the large book, until he came to a picture of a large Pokémon. Seen from the side, its body had a vague L-shape to it. The white geometric form was covered in black, orange, and purple markings. A large square eye and half of a smiling mouth could be seen. The image depicted the Missingno. hovering over a coastline. He indicated this picture to Tonks.

Cyanide nodded her agreement, then turned back to Andromeda. "OK, here's the deal," she said. "We'll tell you, but you gotta keep it secret, got it?"

Naturally, responded the Starmie. Your initial reluctance to tell me indicates this constitutes a major secret.

"Yeah, well, it indicates correctly," stated Cyanide. "Crabbe is Captain Stomach."

He's- wh- what? the Starmie spluttered. Her core flashed several different colors at once, indicating her shock and surprise.

Pomona tilted her head as Rumpleteaser hid her head in her paws. "Are you OK?" she asked her newest friend.

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