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"Well, that's good," smiled Chance. "I've seen her, though I don't believe I got to meet her. Maybe we could come with you when you go back to her?" she suggested.

"Cool," smiled Millicent. She led the way back upstairs, back to the Battle Room, where her P1 Champion belt hung on the wall. "Take a look," she grinned. "I took down a really strong Conkeldurr to win this."

The trackers for each Catalyst Grunt, that was clearly news to Zack. Keith grinned proudly as Zack praised him and Jake for taking Team Catalyst down a few pegs, then made sure to emphasize that Steven was clearly in the wrong. Keith nodded gravely, having tried his best to talk some sense into the man. "It's kind of a shame," he admitted. "I think he really believes he's working towards a better world. I wish there was a way to make them see sense and realize what they're doing won't achieve that at all." Zack then told them that they were free to go, though did request the Ride Pagers back. Keith relinquished his with no fuss- it was a cool little device, for sure, but by no means did he intend to steal it.

Then, Keith's attention was called to the lab coat he still wore. "Oh, yeah," he remarked- he'd never taken off the lab coat following the application of Peeves's illusory disguises. "Well, you're not wrong, I'm most certainly not in the market for Team Catalyst memorabilia," he chuckled. "That said, it's still a perfectly good lab coat," he added fairly. "Could come in handy. Who knows? Maybe this is one piece of Team Catalyst equipment that could end up actually doing some real good in the world somehow," he said with a grin as he took off the lab coat and tucked it away in his backpack. "So, Zack, any way I could access my PC Storage System in here?" he asked. "I'm gonna want to make a quick change to my team now that I've handed in the Ride Pager."

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