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Ami thought for a second. "...Not particularly? Two of them seem to be just curious about the world at this point and the third..." She sighed. "I try not to leave her out of my sight when she's not in her pokeball."

What was it about the phrase 'trust me on this' that made people less trusting of whatever 'this' was? Whatever it was, it made some part of the woobat quiver in momentary worry. Still, Freighya was trusting him to keep her airborne and not run her into walls (or throw her violently into a sharp object), so it would only be fair for him to trust her in return. '...Alright. If you need me to do anything, let me know!'

Bell followed the skitty into the kitchen in an awkward sort of gait only a top-heavy triped could achieve, curious to see what a "home-cooked" meal was like. The answer... immediately posed some problems for him. 'Oh dear...' he whispered as he looked the dishes over. The solid piece of it was chock full of holes, which meant it was not going to mesh well with his Water Bubble, but he had a solution to that problem. The red substance, on the other hand... well, it probably wasn't worth suffocating over, right? 'Fair warning, I'm going to do something everyone I've met so far has said is kind of weird,' he warned Rumbleteaser so that she wouldn't be as freaked out.

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