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Hello ASB~

Your friendly neighborhood Snorb is coming to you live from the Announcement Forum to wish you all a Happy UPN Day! As usual, we've got a bunch of goodies in store for you all.

First things first, everyone will be able to pick up one of either the Firebreather's Token or the Harvester's Token for a price of 10 SP. We're also unveiling a new Holiday Token: The Myriad Token! Details on that below. Choose wisely!

Myriad Token (10 SP): The Myriad Token shines in a brilliant display of many colors, exuding versatility and grace. It can be attached to a Normal Pokémon and greatly enhances their natural abilities. They will become extremely adept at support moves, with these sorts of moves occurring more quickly than usual and being much more potent in all cases. They will even be able to perform one extra "healing move" in a given match. Furthermore, these extremely adaptable Pokemon find themselves comfortable in any arena, completely unaffected by all negative affects typically associated with all arenas, terrains, and weathers. They retain the benefits of weathers and terrains when swapping between formes, even if their current forme would normally not receive any benefits.
Additionally, we're giving a full amnesty on Mega Stones again! You can switch out any one Mega Stone you have- be it free or purchased- for a new one, free of charge.

Finally, and perhaps most interestingly- we're unveiling a new purchasable type of slot!

Extra Gym Slot (25 SP)- When purchased, this allows the owner to hop on a Gym queue of their choice, even if they're already on a different queue or fighting a Gym Leader/Trainer. This may not be used to jump on a queue you're already on or on the queue of a Gym Leader/Trainer you're already fighting. This is a single-use battle slot. Standard rules on switching queues apply to this slot. A single person may only buy one of these at a time.
To celebrate this new slot, we're giving a 5 SP discount on these during the sale, meaning for now they only cost 20 SP!

All of the above aspects of the UPN Day Sale will last until July 1st, 2017. Of course, the Extra Gym Slot is a permanent addition to the Poke Mart.

But wait! Some of you might be worried about how you're possibly going to pay for all this. Have no fear, because we've got you covered! Every match that ends within the next month will net an extra 1 SP before any multipliers! Hopefully, this little bonus will provide you all with the SP you need to get whatever your heart desires out of this sale.

There's one more big change we're unveiling this UPN Day, though. Starting today, all battlers can receive a Fast Orders Bonus on TP! This has the same multipliers and timing as the Fast Reffing Bonus- if you order within 48 hours every round, you get 2x the base TP. Within 96 hours, and you get 1.5x the base TP. Within a week, and you get 1.25x the base TP. This applies to ongoing battles as well, with the timer starting the minute this message goes up. This means that you can get the Fast Orders Bonus even if you've already taken longer than a benchmark in one of your matches... so long as you meet that benchmark from here on out, of course!

Happy UPN Day!~

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