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Originally Posted by Lil'twick View Post

The two cats wandered the beach, looking for a stone that could possibly evolve their friend Pascal. Mochi seemed pretty excited, and pointed to various rocks on the sands. That's all they were, however, rocks. Morgana's patience continued to get thinner and thinner, but he wouldn't dare snap at the Skitty. She was too innocent, too naive to just be yelled at for no apparent reason. She then seemed to find something interesting. A red rock was sitting in the middle of a small islet of sand just off the shore of the beach. Perhaps this was a rock that would help benefit Pascal?

On closer inspection, there was a small bridge from the shore to the tiny islet. Just as Mochi was about to run across it, a Dragonair slithered out of the water and curled up around the stone. It paid no head to the cat trying to run towards it (who was being held down by a frantic Litten), and fell asleep with the rock in the middle of its coil. Just their luck, that what they seem to be looking for to be not only blocked by water, but a Dragonair as well. Could they possibly steal it without the Dragonair knowing?

How will the duo respond?
(Morgana) ~❤~ (Mochi)

Mochi bounded happily across the beach, all the enthusiasm of a hyperactive child flowed through her veins. Morgana was beginning to feel restless, they had come here on a mission --- but it had become rather obvious that Mochi marched to the beat of her own drum. She pounced on top of a medium sized, smooth grey rock; batting at it with her paws. She glanced at the rock curiously, turning her gaze to Morgana.

"Is this what we're looking for? Morgie-chan?" She let out a purr upon saying her usual pet name for Morgana. He sighed, he had no desire to snap at Mochi, she really didn't deserve that kind of thing --- however he was most certainly beginning to feel a little irritated. He let out a deep sigh, pushing down the fur that had bristled up angrily with his front paws.

"Unfortunately... that is just a rock, Mochi." He replied, calmly and smoothly as he could muster. Mochi looked a little downtrodden upon being corrected, she let out a small 'oh' and continued walking alongside Morgana. The two cats walked side by side in silence, leaving their small footprints in the sand. Mochi would stop ever so often to bat at the sand, causing Morgana to simply roll his eyes and chuckle to himself.

"Morgie! I think I found something!" Morgana's head swivelled towards the pink cat, praying to himself that this would not be just another regular rock; he honestly didn't know if his temper would hold up properly. He eyed what she had her paw pointed at, it was a stone --- beautifully red in color and shimmering in the sunlight. Morgana would have to get a closer look to be sure, but he was convinced that that was probably no regular old run of the mill stone. He gave Mochi a small nod.

"Yeah... that might be something. Good work Mochi!" He congratulated her, causing her to flush a bright shade of red and begin to rush towards it. Hoping to snatch it and bring it back towards Morgana. It was across a small bridge on a smaller islet, Morgana had trust in her that she could make it across and come back in one piece. Until he watched a blue snake slither out of the water and coil itself around the stone. Mochi seemed intent on getting it, paying no mind to the large serpent. "Mochi!" Morgana shrieked, running after the Skitty and jumping on top of her so she wouldn't be able to disturb the sleeping giant. He held her down on top of the bridge, wanting desperately to stop her from awakening such a strong looking beast.

"Get off, Morgie! That's what we need and I want to get it!" She struggled under Morgana, who was eventually knocked off of the other cat and onto the back end of the bridge. She glanced back at him with a coy smirk on her face. "Don't worry, I'll be careful!" She bounded towards the Dragonair and seemed to be about to jump onto it's body to climb into the centre of it's coils.

Great. Morgana thought. We're both dead once that thing wakes up.

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