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Sandaa: The girl in yellow shakes her head. "No, he's just a department store manager. He gave up his gym run in Lilycove and found a job there." She says, reaching to pet Aero's wing a bit. The Mantine seems much happier without a kid pushing on his back, as the girl in pink has come around to her cousin's side and stands up proud.

"My dad's a professor! He's super smart, and he's kinda a fisherman! I think." She says. Her cousin, the girl in yellow, rolls her eyes, as she continues. "He studies beaches and pokemon in them. That's why he wanted to vacation here so bad! And he asked his brother to come, so Marissa and Joe came with them!"

Joe, the boy in his yellow trunks, looks up slightly from petting Aero as his name is mentioned. He looks to his sister in yellow, Marissa, sees that you are all engaged in some sort of important discussion, and shrugs. Marill, at this point, has begun to jump up in front of Joe, waving their tiny arms around and trying to get his attention. Yet, Joe is still respectfully devoting his attention to Aero, much to Marill's disappointment.

"Uncle Dennis isn't even a cool kind of professor! He just sits in a lab all day and writes papers with Clamperl." Marissa says, with a pouty lip. She stands up and looks at you. "They're sitting way over there if you wanna meet them. My dad's tough, but he's not that tough! He can go easy on you if you're SCARED!" She sticks her tongue out at you with her last word, a cheeky grin on her face. As standard schoolyard reverse psychology rears its head, what will you do?
As the children climbed off of Aero’s back and began to talk about their respective fathers, the Mantine let out a sigh of relief. Gary listened to the two girls and the boy ramble on, smiling as he humored them. The girl in yellow mentioned that her father was a department store manager, adding that he used to be a Pokemon trainer in the Hoenn region. Meanwhile, her cousin in pink stood up and announced that her father was a Pokemon professor as well as a fisherman. This seemed to catch Gary’s attention as he thought to himself, ’I wonder if I’ve read any of his research before…’

The girl in pink mentioned that her father was studying coastal ecosystems which was the purpose of their trip to this beach. As the girl in yellow added that her uncle wasn’t a cool professor because he only writes papers in his lab with a Clamperl, Gary couldn’t help but chuckle. To most people that would be quite boring, but to him, a flame of curiosity flickered in his head. The two cousins in yellow began their attempt at getting Gary to battle their dad by using reverse psychology, calling Gary’s cowardice into question, but the twenty-seven year old trainer wasn’t buying in. Right now, the marine biology graduate was much more interested in the professor than the department store manager. Letting out another chuckle, he replied, “Alright, alright, I can take some time to introduce myself to your dads. I can’t promise any battles though. Just like you guys, my Pokemon are on vacation too!” With that, Gary pulled out his Dive Ball and recalled Aero. He turned to face the children, waiting for them to lead the way.
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