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"Really now? That's pretty neat!' It was pretty clear that Ami was even more impressed than she was before. Sure, Little Miss probably had an easier time of it with her extra arms, but teaching yourself any skill without help is difficult regardless. "That makes me wonder if any of my pokemon are secretly teaching themselves something, too?"

'O-oh, okay!' A small part of Nadie was expecting for his request to be declined, so he was genuinely relieved when Freighya gave him the go ahead. He focused a loose psychic field around her, with a more solid bottom to it, and hefted her a few feet into the air. He figured that since he wasn't quite sure what would be a comfortable position for an espeon, he'd give her the freedom to move around a bit. 'There! How's that?'

'A little bit.' Bell's stomach growled at the acknowledgement of the foody smells that had been wafting into the room for a while now. 'Oh, quite you!' Turning his attention back to the skitty, he continued. 'Guess that answers your question. Since I have no nose to follow, why don't you lead the way?'

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