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"Yeah, dat's important," Meowth nodded. "Sayin' da same ting in two different tones can have two wildly different meanings."

Keith smiled as Tonks turned out to be able to speak human language perfectly well. "Cool," he smiled, switching back to English himself. "Yeah, both my Banette can speak human language with no problem. One of them was human when she was alive, but the other was a Missingno. when she was alive. In fact, my Dusknoir and Gengar can both speak human language, and they were both Machop when they were alive. I had to teach the Dusknoir, but it came pretty easily to him all the same."

Cyanide considered this. Somehow I don't think there'd be much of a problem with Andromeda knowing, she thought back. She's not exactly a chatty gossip. What do you think?

"You're welcome," Pomona smiled cutely. "You're gonna be an awesome Delcatty someday," she added.

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