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Originally Posted by Tyoyo3131 View Post
Missingno. Master: "Of course, man. It's what we're here for." Jack says to you, smiling the whole way. He reaches under the counter and pulls out a pail of something foul smelling. He sifts through the tackles in the box as he talks to you. "Welcome to the lake, all of you. Talking Meowth is new, but. Weirder things have happened." He closes the box and reaches over the woman in her chair. She pokes him in the bellybutton and Jack flinches. The two giggle and Jack grabs the fishing line from above her on a shelf.

"There's a small few Corsola in the water I've seen. Something about this lake brings all sorts out, but nothing too rare like them very often. Try to keep Aster there under control, if you could." Jack reaches below the counter this time and you hear loud clicks and metal grinding against metal before a satisfying pop. He hops up above again with a shiny fishing rod, dented but well taken care of beside him. "So, whenever yo-" He starts off, before being cut off.

"Um. Hello?" The woman beside him says, holding her own fishing rod now without you noticing - a long piece of wood, bendy in her grip. "You took out the last kids. My turn!" She says, picking up his tackle box as she springs back. Grey hairs betray her age, but her agility gives the idea of youth.

"Maie! Those kids don't count! They stole my lures and took the boat themselves. I get to teach." Jack kisses her on the cheek, and she rolls her eyes. He goes to a door in the back and gestures to you. "Come on! Top fishing lessons in all the land. Good stuff this way." Jack smiles at you and turns around. Maie shrugs and flicks her hand towards the door, heading back to the counter and picking up what seems to be a Lure Ball. What will you do?
"Awesome," Keith grinned as Jack agreed to teach him a thing or two about fishing. He nodded in complete agreement at Jack's assessment on Meowth's talking abilities. Indeed, weirder things have happened. Way weirder. Keith was no stranger to the strange by this point, he knew this fact well enough. At Jack's warning about the potential presence of Corsola in the lake, Keith turned his attention to the Shiny Mareanie on his shoulder. Sure enough, Aster was starting to salivate at the thought of the irresistible crunch of Corsola coral. "Aster," Keith said warningly. "We've talked about this, haven't we?"

"M-Mareanie..." Aster murmured.

"Don't worry about it, Aster," Keith repiled, giving the Brutal Star Pokémon a reassuring smile. "Just remember what we talked about, keep your appetite in check, and we'll take you for a snack later on." The Mareanie brightened up at this promise- occasionally, Keith would take her on a walk along whatever beach they could find, and they'd gather up all the shed Corsola horns they could find for Aster to eat. An experience the Shiny Mareanie greatly enjoyed. She gave a small nod to Keith- she supposed she could resist the urge to take live prey if it meant another one of those walks later on.

However, it seemed as though Maie took issue with Jack's decision to take it upon himself to conduct these fishing lessons. Apparently, Jack had gotten the last one, though according to him, considering the previous ones merely stole the lures and went for a joyride (joyvoyage?) on the boat, they didn't count, considering he didn't get to do any actual teaching.

And it seemed as though it came down to Keith to decide who he wanted teaching him. He looked back and forth between the couple. "Oy," sighed Meowth, as he too realized that Keith was gonna have to make a choice that would more likely than not result in hurt feelings in someone.

Or would it? Keith considered this- he had no idea which of them would be a better teacher in regards to fishing, nor did he know who was in the right as far as the stance they were taking regarding whose turn it ought to be. He was never fond of having to make such decisions- this, in part, was why he eventually ended up declining the offer to join the Elite Four- for all the confidence the Trainers of Fizzytopia had in him, Keith was just really unsure as to whether he could really handle such heavy responsibility. Granted, this decision didn't seem nearly as weighty as the ones the Elite Four would have to make, but his unwillingness to take one side over another, it still clearly telegraphed one of the reasons he declined that opportunity. But... Keith thought about it- would it be possible to take a third option here? Find a solution that worked all around? Oftentimes he'd try to find such a compromise, try to pick a path that satisfied everyone concerned. He didn't always succeed, but by no means did that stop him from trying.

"Why not both of you?" he suggested. "Would that be possible? I'd be happy to learn from either one of you, and I'd hate for anyone to feel left out here."

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