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"Would you like to give it a try?" Keith asked the Shuppet. He nodded, acknowledging it as Kawaii introduced her Shellder, her Lotad, and her Yamask, and nodded in greeting to the trio, though continued to converse with Tonks.

"Really?" Meowth said. "Dat's pretty cool, good luck wit dat. Apparently it came much easier fer Keith den it'd come ta most people, though, considerin' wat he is, y'know? He can speak fluent Shuppet and Banette, and he's been able ta understand Gastly, Haunter, and Gengar language da whole time, though he don't actually speak it hisself. And ever since da Christmas before last, he's also been able ta understand Seviper language somehow. But anyways, can ya say anyting in Eevee yet?" he asked Kawaii.

Cyanide smirked as well. The fact that Freighya was smirking just like her was not lost on the Umbreon- she couldn't help but feel a little flattered. Andromeda regarded the pair of Eeveelutions curiously- she got the feeling they knew more about Crabbe than they were letting on, but at the same time, she wondered whether there might be a good reason for them to not divulge such information. Curiously, her burrito appeared to be half-eaten, though nobody had seen exactly how the Starmie might have eaten it.

Pomona tilted her head- getting on this subject seemed to make Rumpleteaser even more shy. Her mention of needing a Moon Stone was rendered all but incoherent by her shy stuttering. "It might take a while," the Ivysaur agreed. "But then, that gives you time to learn all the cool attacks you can, right? And a lot of my teammates needed evolution stones, too- two of them even needed Moon Stones, same as you," she smiled.

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