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Finals ended predictably

woot down with LeBroskis

anyway David Aldridge says that Boston's trading the #1 pick to Philly for a package including the #3 pick, details to be confirmed on Monday.

trust the process?

basically it sounds like Ainge and co. are prepping to make a major trade for a big player. The names being bounced around are Paul George and Jimmy Butler, with Avery Bradley and Jae Crowder being on the block as potential trading chips. Of those two, I prefer Butler since he's got more years on his contract and is more clutch (tbh). Plus, his strong defense will definitely fit in with the C's.

The big story on my mind: are the Lakers really getting cold feet on Lonzo?
Or is this more of Magic Johnson's famous misdirection????

Me on SP

D- Ref on PASBL
(PASBL squad!)
Let's go WILD
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