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Originally Posted by Maskerade View Post

The sprawling rainforest is a perfect biome for Grass-Types such as Seedot and Whimsicott, but a Litwick is definitely out of place – not only is the air’s humidity a bother, its flame could very well set off unwanted fires or scare away the local fauna. With that in mind, Cerno remains ever watchful, keeping the two smaller Pokémon in check, aware that while it has already achieved its final form, both Spiritus and Tengu are yet to do so, and are understandably eager to grow; after all, there is much more to the miracle of evolution than a mere increase in strength.

The trio keeps moving along the makeshift path, through bushed and tall grass and thick foliage, taking in the plethora of scents that fill the forest’s air. Everything seems perfectly peaceful, until rustling is heard overhead, causing the group to stop and look up in alarm. Too fast to react, the group is pelted by a shower of hard-shell berries, with enough strength to be felt but not leave any lasting wounds. Four animals leap down from the trees above, revealing themselves as the assailants: a team of perfectly-coordinated Passimian, who keep their eyes locked on the Seedot, Litwick and Whimsicott without blinking. After what feels like the longest stand-off in history, the largest ape steps forward and speak up, keeping things short and simple.

“Come, trespassers. The lords are expecting you.”

The four soldiers remain motionless, surrounding the party, stoically waiting for an answer. But what will that answer be?

Cerno was the first to act, he swiftly got in the passimans' faces "Who are these Lords that want to speak to us and how do they know we are here?" The grass/fairy-type was always ready to fight. Even if it meant he got himself hurt. He would rather it be him than his lower-level companions. Despite his tough attitude he had a heart of gold and always put other's safety before his own. This made him brave even to a fault, but that was ok.
Spiritus looked at the Whimsicott "Cerno hush, we do not know how powerful these lords are." his flame flickered in warning. The litwick was as peaceful as ever and did not want his friends to start a fight if one was not nescesarry. He was a very peaceful pokemon and always worked towards an answer without fighting. No one knew why this was but it was very helpful in high stress situations like this.
Tengu sighed in the back he could sense something about these guards, they were just protecting their kingdom. The fact that these lords were expecting them jogged something in the back of what was left of his brain. He was going to lay for now but he felt something returning, a purpose a cause. He waited silently but that flicker had given him a fighting spirit. If anyone threatened his friends he would end them once and for all. not just faint them but kill them outright. Those lords had better watch their backs.

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