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Magikarp Update Set 3

Newbies to the group are Tate, Lit, and Connor. Welcome to the Isles, and sorry about the wait everyone! x.x

Sandaa: The girl in yellow shakes her head. "No, he's just a department store manager. He gave up his gym run in Lilycove and found a job there." She says, reaching to pet Aero's wing a bit. The Mantine seems much happier without a kid pushing on his back, as the girl in pink has come around to her cousin's side and stands up proud.

"My dad's a professor! He's super smart, and he's kinda a fisherman! I think." She says. Her cousin, the girl in yellow, rolls her eyes, as she continues. "He studies beaches and pokemon in them. That's why he wanted to vacation here so bad! And he asked his brother to come, so Marissa and Joe came with them!"

Joe, the boy in his yellow trunks, looks up slightly from petting Aero as his name is mentioned. He looks to his sister in yellow, Marissa, sees that you are all engaged in some sort of important discussion, and shrugs. Marill, at this point, has begun to jump up in front of Joe, waving their tiny arms around and trying to get his attention. Yet, Joe is still respectfully devoting his attention to Aero, much to Marill's disappointment.

"Uncle Dennis isn't even a cool kind of professor! He just sits in a lab all day and writes papers with Clamperl." Marissa says, with a pouty lip. She stands up and looks at you. "They're sitting way over there if you wanna meet them. My dad's tough, but he's not that tough! He can go easy on you if you're SCARED!" She sticks her tongue out at you with her last word, a cheeky grin on her face. As standard schoolyard reverse psychology rears its head, what will you do?

Sparkbeat: See Update Set 1.

ABL: The man across the table simply nods. "I appreciate your offer. The Peak often struggles with keeping our town in working order, up here. But now, I don't believe there's anything anyone needs." The cry of a kettle behind him rings out across the room, and he turns back around. "Oh! Of course." He rises from his seat, taking more than a moment to steady himself with his walking stick. Holai steps over to the kettle on the grate and begins pouring two cups.

There is a knock at the door, a dull but gentle thud. "Holai?" A voice says from the other size, deep and cracking a bit. You see Holai turn to the door before reaching down and pulling up another cup.

"This must be Moritt. He said he would visit." Holai says, pouring the water into the cups. "Come in!" He shouts, it feels like, but he's barely raising his voice. The door creaks open, and a short, thin man walks in. He wears cloth shorts and sandals, with tan skin, tanner than most you've seen in town, and has a bag slung over his shoulder. He sees Holai, then looks to you and Dreamer, confused. "This is ABL and her Espeon. She is a tourist I met today, very kind. Now what's the issue?" Holai says, carrying tea over to the table. He slowly transfers the three cups over and sets them down, and Moritt approaches the table.

"Hello." He says, stuttering at first and nodding to you and Holai. He sets his bag on the table and dumps it out, and a few chunks of metal tumble out. Wires jut out from a few of them, and all seem like they have been torn apart somehow. "All of these have been lost in my crops. The stream that waters them brings them in. And whenever our Lotad drinks from the stream, he gets sick." Moritt says. He looks mostly to Holai as he talks, but glances to you every once in a while.

"Hm. What a mess." Holai shakes his head. "I will look to Manaphy for guidance. If I had to guess, there's something upstream, but I cannot travel up there in my age." He looks to you as he says this. "What do you think? You have already communed with our patron today. Has any guidance reached you?"

Missingno. Master: "Of course, man. It's what we're here for." Jack says to you, smiling the whole way. He reaches under the counter and pulls out a pail of something foul smelling. He sifts through the tackles in the box as he talks to you. "Welcome to the lake, all of you. Talking Meowth is new, but. Weirder things have happened." He closes the box and reaches over the woman in her chair. She pokes him in the bellybutton and Jack flinches. The two giggle and Jack grabs the fishing line from above her on a shelf.

"There's a small few Corsola in the water I've seen. Something about this lake brings all sorts out, but nothing too rare like them very often. Try to keep Aster there under control, if you could." Jack reaches below the counter this time and you hear loud clicks and metal grinding against metal before a satisfying pop. He hops up above again with a shiny fishing rod, dented but well taken care of beside him. "So, whenever yo-" He starts off, before being cut off.

"Um. Hello?" The woman beside him says, holding her own fishing rod now without you noticing - a long piece of wood, bendy in her grip. "You took out the last kids. My turn!" She says, picking up his tackle box as she springs back. Grey hairs betray her age, but her agility gives the idea of youth.

"Maie! Those kids don't count! They stole my lures and took the boat themselves. I get to teach." Jack kisses her on the cheek, and she rolls her eyes. He goes to a door in the back and gestures to you. "Come on! Top fishing lessons in all the land. Good stuff this way." Jack smiles at you and turns around. Maie shrugs and flicks her hand towards the door, heading back to the counter and picking up what seems to be a Lure Ball. What will you do?

Ironthunder: The team immediately mobilized against the unknown assailant within the lake. You hold onto your attacked Pokemon before she takes the field once again. All three of the Pokemon and even yourself look down to the water, keeping your eye out for disturbances. The sound of wildlife around you disturbs the peace a little bit, but not as much as the shadowy mass within in it.

Your Skarmory's eyes in the sky are the first to notice as the mass spins in circles, a small and lithe form. It pokes up above the water, the surface giving a satisfying pop as a small blue face appears. It's eyes are small and beady and it seems to have a blue moustache of sorts. You hear it give a little squeak. "Bar!" The Barboach recognizes the threat to it's safety and glances around. Before your Pokemon can really react, it dives back down into the lake. It swims around a bit more, stops, and then appears to fade deeper into the water...

Only to pop back out a few meters to the side and spray another jet of water at your Pokemon! This time, Caeda feels the lake's mischief first hand, getting struck in the wing. You've never heard a Barboach giggle, but if you did, it would probably sound a bit like the sound coming from deep within the water now. The Barboach fades from sight, apparently retreating deep into the water again. What will you do?

134: You begin to wander aimlessly into jungle. With 12 hours on the clock, you keep a close eye on your compass to make sure you can get back to the coast your boat landed on. Your captain for the journey seemed to be a native man who didn't talk too much. When you told him you were coming here without a guide, he seemed alarmed. Yet, he still took your money and dropped you off.

You wander through the jungle for a good hour or two, with Kai staying close by you. The canopy seems endless above you and the jungle heat starts to hit you a little bit. You're happy to see that your shorts fit in with your surroundings. While there sure is a lot of green, you're also wading through plenty of bright flowers. The jungle is pleasant place to be - ignoring, of course, the nigh unbearable heat and the constant shrieking sounds of the jungle. You listen carefully to them, trying to pick out any particular birds, but alas, they seem too scattered. Your focus drifts back to the path before you - wait, there's a path?

You step out of the weeds into a well worn path of packed dirt. Around you, you see it stretches on for a bit before turning into the jungle. And on a nearby tree, you see a symbol etched into the wood: A fish with three ovals intersecting the main island, all with a tight circle around it and 3 lines stretching upwards. The carvings don't seem to have rotted into the wood yet. With unease setting in, what will you do?

Connor: With the peak of the mountain reached, you take your last few steps on the long stairs and reach the rock structure of the Sea Altar. A stone platform greets you, carved in intricate curving patterns - the back wall, a set of rocky spires with water cascading down into the shallow pools. With your flowers in your hand, you can't help but notice two others who have climbed to the Peak - a girl with intensely orange skin wearing a breezy white top and shorts, and a pale girl beside her who certainly won't be pale for much longer, also wearing shorts and a tank top. Your expertise as a bartender lets you guess these girls are probably mid to low twenties, and definitely order fruity drinks with double the vodka.

You try to pay them no mind as you leave your offering, closing your eyes in focus. Their voices are loud at first, with fun statements like "Oh my gosh Beth, you're such a ditz!" and "Do these pools make you look blue or what?", but they fade away into absolute silence as your mind is filled over with the sound of rushing water and a low hum. You complete your prayer and stand, releasing your hands from the flowers. A sudden splash to your right distracts you from the altar as Beth, the pale girl, has slipped and caught herself with her arms half way in a pool of water. The other girl laughs and helps her up. "C'mon, let's get some pictures with the Altar!" She says, and Beth laughs at heself and pulls out her Pokegear - rose gold, of course.

They walk over to the Altar and stop when they see you. "Oh. Um. Are you like, done?" The orange skin girl says. "Your Ledyba are like, so cute by the way! I love them, so different from other bug types which are like, soooo gross." She looks at her nails and moves her hair from her face. Beth's Pokegear lets out a little beeping noise which she quickly taps on and starts typing. What will you do?

Lil'twick: The ship you are on could easily be described as modest. The rickety fishing boat is metal in some parts and wood in others, but you can't quite see the line due to the copious amounts of light green paint. The captain of the ship sits in a small closed off room, a portly greying man wearing classic fishing attire - plastic overalls, a yellow raincoat and hat, and green boots.

Captain Joe, his name you learned shortly before paying passage, poked his head out of the room. "Feelin' sick out there, kid? I've got a brown bag or two in here if ya need it!" He shouts out over the whirring motor in the back, and lets out a hearty laugh. The other two participants of this trip, two older men who sit on the other side of the boat, interrupt their conversation about ol' times with some snickering.

Eventually, the boat slows down and Captain Joe steps out after turning off the motor. "Here we are, gents! It's the ocean! The only one like it!" His Ampharos follows out, a shy one who stands above the hull a lot of the time, shining bright across the waves. He sets a small container of bait next to you on the bench next to a brown bag. "Hope ya feel better, kid. If you need anything, just ask. And sorry about the rough trip." He says to you, shrugging at the end. With everything you need with you to start fishing, what will you do?

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