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Carbink BINK

Originally Posted by kawaiiconcept View Post
Kawaii sighed as she walked into the GTS. She never thought she would be saying good bye to any of her pokemon. She shook her head to clear it and placed Royal's pokeball onto the trading machine. "This trainer will love you more than I ever could." she whispered.
Trading my lv.1 ungendered Carbink to lilbluecorsila for 5 rare candies.
[spoiler=Carbink stats]species: carbink
type: rock/fairy
name: royal
level: 1
location: PC moves known: tackle, harden
nature: serious
obtained: a trade ability: clear body
personality: not very emotional and rarely shows
signs of any personality. he may be either too
afraid or literally made of stone. That is yet to be
found out. He may soon open up to the right
you can change name bio and nature if you wish
Trading 5x Rare Candies to kawaiiconcept for Lv. 1 Carbink.

*Trade Closed*
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