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"Thanks," Keith smiled. "If I may ask, Tonks, do you speak human language?" he asked the Shuppet. "Most Shuppet and Banette I've met are able to, even if they weren't human themselves when they were alive."

Meowth turned to Kawaii. "Always kinda cool hearin' him speak Shuppet," he remarked. "He told ya Myrtle taught him, right? Dis happened a while back, before he even got me."

Ah, you know him? came Andromeda's response. Yes, he's actually rather nice, though I admit I wonder where he goes at night...

"Cool," smiled Pomona. "But, see, Hermione thinks Weedle don't need to evolve in order to be good in battle, so her goal in life is to prove it herself. And as for me, well... It's just that Venusaur are so large," she remarked. "And... I wouldn't be able to play as much with my friends, I'd be so big, I might be too big to be indoors in most places... and what if I accidentally scare someone I want to make friends with? Besides," she added, smiling again. "I like myself just the way I am."

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