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Somewhat begrudingly, Chromium uses her magic paint powers to extend a few vines, lashing them out in the direction of the mysterious shadow. Though not visible, the vines still snag the shady character, and with a tug, it and the ball are brought into the light. You are met with a rather bewildered looking Pokémon who flinches in the comparably bright glow of Cotton's moves. The Pokémon is pink and vaugely star shaped. She appears rather uncomfortable, struggling against her bonds, and unfortunately not too calmed by Tinnitus's rhythmic pulsing.

"Please, please don't hurt me!" she begs, cowering and shaking a little in the grasp of the vines, "Take the ball if you want, just let me go! It's not even mine to begin with! I just found it on the ground near the cave and thought it looked nice and shiny!"

The Clefairy seemed sincere, both in her fear and her insistence of her innocence. Perhaps this was all a big misunderstanding? After all, it didn't seem like the Mime Jr. had had anything stolen from him - he simply lost the ball. But, on the other hand, Pokémon wandering around in caves were awful mysterious... and the ball would have had to get past the giant Darmatian roadblock somehow... And she did seem to be struggling quite a bit - but it's hard to tell if she's struggling out of fear of being hurt or of being found out... You have no reason not to trust the Clefairy, but it does seem somewhat convenient... What will you do?
Chromium rolled her eyes, but all the same, obliged the request. A pair of green vines snaked out from under her arms and dove into the darkness... "Aha," smirked Chromium. "Got something." And with that, she reeled in her catch- a rather bewildered-looking Clefairy, who flinched from the light from Cotton's Flash, struggled against the Vine Whip, and didn't seem responsive to Tinnitus's sound waves. She pleaded and begged with them, insisting her innocence, begging to be let go and happily relinquishing the ball.

"...What do you think?" Chromium asked Cotton.

"I believe her," the Swirlix said at once. "Sorry we scared you," he said to the Clefairy, dimming his Flash somewhat (not putting out altogether, though). "All we came for was the ball- someones's gonna be very happy to have it back. You can go." He gave a nod to Chromium.

Chromium didn't react right away, still thinking this through. Something seemed off... didn't Mime Jr. state that the ball had flown into the cave? And yet, Clefairy claimed to have found the ball near the cave, meaning she would've carried it into the cave, right? And even then, what of the Darmanitan? How'd Clefairy get past it? But then... Clefairy can learn Psychic, can't they? The Smeargle realized that that would certainly explain everything- the Clefairy saw the ball from inside the cave, couldn't get past Darmanitan, so she used Psychic to bring the ball to her. Would certainly explain why Mime Jr. reported the ball flying into the cave, wouldn't it?

"Alright," the Smeargle finally nodded. She held out a paw to the Clefairy. "Give us the ball and you're free to go," she promised, sincerity in her voice, with every intention of relinquishing her grip on the Clefairy upon retrieving the ball.

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