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"I'm glad your ledyba made some for me. That was really good! Of course..." She picked up her spoon and scooped it into her soup. "...I'm not done yet, am I?" She spooned up some of the soup, blew on it, slurped it up. "Mmmh! This is so much better on its own!"

'I, uh, well...' Nadie struggled to come up with a way to say what he wanted without making the situation even more awkward, but ultimately wound up just doing so. '...Part of me didn't want to be let go, either...' He hovered silently for a moment, afraid to even think, when an idea came to him. '...You can't pick yourself up with your own psychic powers either, right?'

The dewpider let out a brief chuckle and straightened his posture back out. 'That is definitely true. If things go well, I shouldn't have too many basics left to learn by the end of the month!'

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