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Jake was mildly impressed as Keith sent out Jack, the Ditto transforming into Neku's likeness. Having every move at Neku's disposal, Jack let out a Sweet Scented powder towards Jake's Pokemon.

"Oh no you don't! Vibrava, blow that powder right back!" Steven exclaimed.

Heeding the admins words, Dusty began to rapidly beat her wings, sending out a small amount of wind. The wind blew back the powder into Jack's face, protecting Dusty, Bubbles, and Vermillion from it's effects.

But Jack's attempts at curing the Pokemon were not wasted. Despite the Vibrava's actions, she could not protect Neku from the sweet scented powder, the Oddish accidentally inhaling a mouthful of the pink powder.

Immediately, Neku began to shake, the sound of crackling electricity could be heard.
"Huh? W-where am I? Was I sleeping again?" Neku murmured as he glanced at his surroundings.
"Neku! I-I'm glad you're ok." Jake smiled, too distracted to notice that Telpo had just exited his pokeball.

"I don't h-have time to explain so...hit everyone with Sweet Scent!" Jake ordered.
Neku gave a brief nod, preparing to release a cloud of sweet scented power. Before the Oddish could send the powder to his teammates, a Psychic wave slammed into the weed Pokemon, sending him flying back.
"Telpo.." Jake murmured as he finally noticed the psi Pokemon. It pained him to see Telpo in such a state. Mindlessly attacking others without thought or care, a sharp contrast to the Abra's usual self.

As Jake was hopelessly lost in thought, Telpo coated one of his fists in Fire, before swinging a Punch at his trainer!
Snapping back to reality, Jake could only watch as Telpo's flame covered fist drew closer towards him.
Just before the attack was about to land, Neku lunged in front of his trainer, shielding him from the powerful fire attack.

" saved me." Jake murmured as the Oddish slowly rose to his feet.
" problem...." Neku replied weakly.
After withstanding two super effective attacks, Neku seemed a little tuckered out.
But now wasn't the time to give up, Neku realized. His trainer was counting on him...and his teammates too. He wasn't going to be sleeping on the job today!
At this thought, Neku felt a burst of energy fill his body, and a strange light began to surround him. The weed Pokemon began to grow taller, and each of his leaves began to grow outward.
A small flower bud emerged from the top of his head as well. When the light faded a stood where the former Oddish had been.

"'ve evolved! C-congratulations." Jake murmured, before turning his attention back to the battle.
"Alright Neku, use Sweet more time!" Jake ordered.

"Vibrava, blow Gloom's attack back at it! Corphish, Torkoal..keep that Scrafty away! And Abra, make sure that Ditto is kept occupied!" Steven barked.

Following the man's orders, Bubbles lunged at who she guessed to be Bart, her X-Scissor attack at the ready! Vermillion continued to guard Steven, waiting to attack anyone with a Skull Bash should they come too close.

Meanwhile, Telpo floated towards Jack, ready to Punch him with an Ice covered fist.

As Neku sent a cloud of sweet scented powder towards his teammates, Dusty began to flap her wings rapidly, blowing the powder back into the Gloom's face.
However, with Dusty focused on Neku, she was leaving her teammates defenseless from Jack's interference....

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