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Originally Posted by Sandaa View Post
As he watched the battle unfold, Hiero couldn’t help but be impressed by the Heracross’ strength and resolve. Wishing to join forces with the Hercules Beetle, he declared an all you can eat buffet of tree sap for Heracross in the future, but the bug wasn’t buying it just yet. It already had a nice lunch right before it when it was so rudely interrupted by the trainer who attacked it. Not to be dissuaded, Hiero called out his orders to Tomoko, holding a Pokeball at his side for when the time was right.

Heracross inhaled deeply for a moment before shooting out a flurry of Bullet Seeds at Tomoko, knocking her back. With the aid of her Bunny Suit, Tomoko sprang into action, only allowing the seeds to hit her twice. The Mareanie then used the spike on top of her head to Peck mercilessly at Heracross’ backside, where there was a gap in the beetle’s exoskeleton for its wings. Heracross screeched in pain, spinning around and using its axe-like horn to scrape Tomoko with a brutal Night Slash. Tomoko reeled back in pain, but with her last ounce of strength, she lunged into Heracross, Pecking it once more. The attack hit it square in the chest, causing Heracross to get knocked back as the poison continued to sap its strength.

Seizing the moment, Hiero gripped the Pokeball in his hand firmly and threw it at the Heracross. Upon contact, the ball popped open and a red laser pulled the creature inside as it closed. The ball landed on the dirt and leaf covered ground and began to wiggle once… twice… three times… before coming to a complete rest with a soft “Ding!”

Congratulations! You have captured a lv.10 Male Heracross with the ability Guts!

Hiero let out a deep sigh of relief as he went over to claim his new Pokemon. Tomoko let out a victorious sigh as well, although being on the brink of unconsciousness, she probably deserved a long rest after this. Tomoko has gained 2 levels! With the battle now over, Hiero was now free to explore in whatever direction he so desired. Or perhaps he might try to look for the resident trial captain of the Cloud Forest.

Hiero couldn't believe it. That sound - it was so... unfamiliar, yet, nostalgic. While true he has had some recent additions to his team since he began his journey again, these were all Pokemon he had acquired through other means. This Heracross, though, was different: it was the first Pokemon Hiero had captured from a wild encounter in a very, very long time.

"Eean..." Mareanie breathed heavily, and then fell to her side. She hadn't been knocked out, but she was definitely running on fumes at this point. Hiero smiled gently and knelt down beside her, resting his arm on one knee. He shuffled his hand through his pack and pulled out her Pokeball. "You did a great job, and during your first battle no less. Get some rest - we'll see if we can get some lunch soon. Corsola spikes - my treat." The Mareanie smiled at her trainer, noticeably proud of herself. Her technique was excellent, and her battling skills, especially for a first-timer, were superb. "She definitely has a lot of potential," Hiero thought.

After retrieving the Mareanie, Hiero reached over to his new Heracross' Pokeball and lifted it up. "Welcome to the team, Junpei - Maybe I'll call you Jun for short. Like I promised, let's get you some food, too." Hiero stood up and returned the two Pokeballs to his backpack. "First order of business is to heal up and take a lunch break at the Ranger's cabin, and then... we'll see what other surprises the Cloud Forest has to offer..." Hiero's train of thought trailed off. He began walking forward, leaving the battle scarred trees behind, ready for whatever the Cloud Garden had in store for him.

((Confirming addition of Junpei the Heracross, Lv. 10 w/ Guts to my party - heading to the Ranger's station to heal up and see what happens next...))
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