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Originally Posted by Maskerade View Post

Yet another man entered the New Fizz City Adoption Centre that day, but not quite like all the others. By his strut and his smile, it was easy to see he knew exactly what he'd come for, like he'd planned this moment well in advance.

And he had, ten years prior.

"That one, if you'd be so kind."

He ran a hand through his light blonde hair, adjusted his glasses and hummed a merry little melody as he waited, tapping his fingers rhythmically on the counter. One would never guess he was a fugitive, by the laidback demeanour and apparent lack of hurry; one could say he had all the time in the world, and in a way, he did - he'd covered his tracks to perfection, and it would take the Heimlan Army a very long time to pinpoint his location again.

Who knows? When next we cross paths, it might well be because I sought them out.

A few minutes later, the clerk returned with the requested Pokémon. When the man laid eyes upon it, he smiled earnestly - there was no mistaking it, that was indeed the one he'd taken precautions to be returned to him when the time came.

"We meet again, dear friend. Thank you for waiting so long... a decade, was it not?"

The Snover jumped up in joy, still young and full of energy. After all, what were a mere ten years to a tree?

"Well, this is the beginning you know. Today we lay the seeds for a new world order."

After concluding the deal, the man left with his new - or rather, reunited - partner by his side, scattering delicate snowflakes as it walked. Fizzytopia and Heiml might not realize it yet, and not for a long time, but this was the day Wolfgang Lauther began his ascension.


OoC: Adopting Level 1 Male Snover, putting it in a PokéBall for now. Payment=$30.

Thank you! ^^

They sure got some weirdos coming in through this place.

The staffers see a lot of things, working at the Adoption Center. Weird things. Scary things. A Girafarig with a man-eating butt. A girl who talks to people who aren't there. That kid who wears the blanket. The manager.

But the dude who walked in today definitely ranks up on the list of "things to drunkenly tell friends about after work."

First of all, he wore a three piece suit. Who does that in this day and age? One staffer swore he had spats on, but that claim went unsubstantiated. Either way, he was way too overdressed for the occasion, the interns all concurred. The volunteers said he had "'Children of the Apricorn' hair," whatever that meant. An elderly woman -- who'd been giving her time and energy to the center since before Tate was born -- made the sign of Cresselia upon herself when he passed by her.

The young man who helped him fill out his paperwork didn't say much; the eerie blonde man who seemed too busy mumbling to himself -- and to the Snover -- about 'Heiml' and 'them' intimidated him. He would later leave work early, claiming to feel unwell. The interns drew straws to see who would clean out the Snover's pen.

Adoption of Lv. 01 (M) Snover confirmed.

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