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Originally Posted by Naruxami View Post
Patches: The chilliness of the room chilled you to your very core. You couldn't place why it was so cold in here, maybe it was faulty insulation in this room? Whatever the case, you really wish you had brought a jacket or sweater to wear. Luckily, your mind is able to brush off the cold as you finally find exactly what you were looking for in this manor --- the source of that putrid smell! The bag of incense smelt so awful, you pitied the owners for attempting to use such a terrible smelling object in an attempt to freshen their house. Hadn't they heard of febreeze or other air freshening products? You shrug it off, rummaging through your things and shoving the horrible smelling incense into an airlocked container inside your bag. That solves the problem of where that smell was coming from, but it doesn't quite dispel the smell entirely. You think for a few moments before placing a mint down in the spot the bag had been, if they made your breath extra minty there was hope that they could make this musty room minty as well.

When you finally stand and adjust yourself, you notice the painting upon the wall. Weird, had that always been here? You can't figure out why you wouldn't have noticed such a realistic depiction of a Pokemon. It was a little crooked, and the perfectionist inside of you most certainly wanted to fix it but the room was extremely dusty and disgusting. You promised yourself that you would do it as soon as you were able to clean the dust from the rest of the room, as soon as you found your trusty napkins that was. Rummaging through your pack, you realise almost all your napkins are gone, but you could've sworn you had a whole bunch more. You notice your Eevee had made himself a nice nest of napkins that he was now snoozing in, you wanted to scold him but his cute exterior made you think twice --- how could you get mad at something that adorable? It was almost impossible.

As you pick up your pack, you realise that you may as well just adjust the painting anyways, considering you have no possible way to clean the dust and grime from the rest of the room. As you move the painting, making sure it's straight, you hear the low growling once more. It certainly sounds a lot closer this time, almost as though whatever is making it is quite close to you. As you're about to brush it off, a loud hiss permeates from the painting and a large, black, clawed hand extends from inside the frame; swiping at your body. The hissing gets gradually louder, causing the walls to feel like they're shaking and warping all around you. The door to the room slams itself, and the only source of light in the room flickers out. It's just you, your Pokemon, and that weird painting now. In the darkness of the room, the gem encrusted eyes of the Pokemon in the portrait seem to glow brightly. It illuminates an outline in the floor that you hadn't noticed before, it appeared as though there was some sort of trap door in the floor.

The hissing had quieted down, but after swiping at you, the portraits smile has faded. Should you go into this trap door you have found, despite not knowing where it leads? What do you do?
Patches reaches up and grabs the painting in order to adjust it and begins to shift it around on the wall. Suddenly, she hears a growling noise coming from nearby! “Huh? Was that noise coming from this painting?” She squints at the painting but doesn’t see anything different so she shrugs it off and continues to adjust it. Then, there is a loud hissing sound and this time, it’s clearly coming from the painting. “Ahhh-!” She falters for a moment and next thing she knows a clawed hand is reaching out of the painting and swiping at her. “Whoa!!” She stumbles backwards and falls over while still holding onto the painting. ’What is happening??’ Patches is confused as the room warps around her, the door slams, and all of the lights go out. Now she is sitting there in the dark while staring into the bright gem eyes directly in front of her, the only sound in the room is of Kiku laughing since he has found this entire situation amusing. “That was very rude!” She puffs out her cheeks and is now ready to let the painting have it.

First, she stands back up and before she continues to have a talk with the painting she notices the outline of the trap door in the floor. She takes a mental note of it but has some unfinished business to take care of and turns her attention back to the painting in her hands. She stares directly into the glowing gems and puts on her most serious face. “Did you cause that door to slam and the lights to go out..?! Actually! That’s not what matters here. You swiped your claw at my face and that wasn’t very nice. You could have hurt me!” She huffs and waits for an apology but one never comes. “You know, if you aren’t going to apologize I think you’re going to need to have a time out.” She walks over to a corner and places the portrait down, leaning it against the wall, with the painting facing the wall. “You need to take some time and think about what you did! You better not leave this spot until you do! Just because you're a painting doesn't mean you can go around doing whatever you want!” Now that she's satisfied that she has gotten her point across, she turns away from the portrait and her next objective is to figure out what is through that trap door. “Alright Mio and Kiku, I think we need to go through that door! It might actually lead to the festival in the basement!” Since the portrait is facing the wall there isn’t much light in the room anymore so Patches gets down and begins to crawl around the area she rememberd the door being. Hoping she can find her way in by feeling around.

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