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"Eeeuuuoooohhhh," Tate drawled, in a mixture of fascination and disgust, reaching out with one finger to nudge Pickle. Pyukumyuku were common in Alola, but the Johto native had never seen one in person; it was like getting a little closer to a far off dream. "Hi, Pickle. Try, uh... try not to leak everywhere, okay little buddy?"

Standing, Tate stretched and began idly shaking the bottle of antiseptic, leading Gary and Pickle down the hall, towards the very back of the base, past a bedroom visible through an open door and a room with no door that appeared to just have a pool of standing water in it. More bizarrely, their destination seemed to be an empty room, vacant in its entirety except for a single Rowelet, standing in the center. Tate paused in the doorway to watch; the bird would puff itself up, and then release a bolt of electricity. Sometimes it would strike the floor, but more often it would strike the bird.

"Uhane," Tate greeted, after two or three painful-looking failures. The Rowelet stopped with a tired-sounding hoot, and turned its head towards the door, without moving its body. "It's time for your medicine."

Tate entered the room, and sat down on the floor beside the bird in order to get a better vantage point to work. Used to the ritual by now, Uhane stood still as her scorched body was spritzed down with the aerosolized antiseptic. It stung, but she clenched her bill until the pain subsided. Then, she felt better.

"You're doing great," Tate praised, petting the owl with two fingers, before turning attention to Gary. "She's been learning how to use Thunderbolt!"

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