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Round 3: Flail is flop

With the two water types fighting for dominance, it is obvious Noa is starting to assert her dominance. Having effectively poisoned her foe she now releases another batch of toxins which react violently with those already in the Horsea's system. Pua cries out in pain, but then she uses her pain to fuel a dance of rage and anger. Her attack and speed increase slightly as she moves through the water.

Noa decides to sit back and let her toxins do their job, Pua wants to attack however. Feeling like things aren't going her way, her power increases slightly as she slams into the Marieane with a flailing blow. The two Pokemon are both hurt by their respective status, slowly cutting away at their health.

Noa is moving towards the end of her first third while Pua slips just under the midpoint. Pua has a slight boost in attack and speed and will likely need a break soon. Noa is fresh after that round.

Dirkac to order

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