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Originally Posted by Connor View Post
Naruxami: Standing on the edge of Cordina Ocean, the scenic sands stretch out on either side of you, a bulwark against the lapping intensity of the sea. While the waters seemed calm, they could always shift on a dime, morphing from an alluring beauty into a dangerous fiend ready to swallow anyone and anything in its path, Luckily, such morbid thoughts are soon chased from your mind as a cheery, flighty voice carries to you on the slight wind that was gusting across the sands. Turning towards the source of the voice, you see a young woman approaching - she couldn't be much older than yourself, an air of youthful exuberance hanging in the air around her as she strolled towards you. Her tanned skin identified her as someone who frequented the area, a pair of black sunglasses hanging from her neck and a bright pink cap on her head, blonde hair pulled into a ponytail which fitted through the opening at the back of her cap. Her clothing was simple and yet somehow awkwardly quirky, an open Hawaiian print shirt clashing drastically with her pale green denim shorts. As the girl waves at you, your eyes are drawn to a rather pretty bracelet hanging around her wrist, a bright crimson Corphish charm held in place by a thin silver strap.

"You're new around here, right? Couldn't help but notice the fishing rod that your adorable Eevee here is holding. I was just about to head out onto the waters myself. Name is Clarice, by the way. I'm a diver, but I've dabbled with fishing here and there. I can show you the ropes if you like?"

After speaking, she abruptly burns bright crimson, clearly embarrassed at something. Shaking her hands through the air, she dismisses her previous comments.

"Only if you want to, of course. Sorry. I have a habit of just assuming things and running my mouth off at complete strangers. End up talking too much, quizzing them too much. My boss always gives me an earful about i- ... I'm doing it again, aren't I?"
The scenery was astounding, Elka had never seen anything quite like it. She wasn't familiar with the sea in any sort of way, but she knew that the pristine calm waters could change at any moment. She would certainly need something with experience to take her across the water, but she would also need someone who was insanely kind. She really didn't want to be asked questions about her crutches, she came for a relaxing getaway to the sea --- not to be proded with the usual questions. She frankly wished she could just get some sort of super advanced robot to take her across the water, avoiding all human contact entirely. You stare into the deep blue, it's sort of mesmerising in a way. One misstep and you could be carried away, into the deep abyss. As she's staring into the depths, a voice catches her attention. She glances upwards, clutching onto Pascal's leash slightly tighter. The voice belonged to a girl, about the same age as Elka, she seemed friendly enough but she stood out like a sore thumb. Probably in the same way Elka herself did, she maybe she shouldn't judge based on appearance. The thing that caught Elka's eye the most was the bracelet around the girl's arm, it was simplistic but elegant --- almost begging for attention.

The girl spoke to Elka when she got closer, causing the girl --- who had little experience with anyone, not just strictly people her own age to start to stutter nervously. "O-oh! Um... nice to m-meet you Clarice... I-I'm Elka..." Her voice trailed off slightly, nervously looking down at Pascal, who gave a knowing nod; almost as if he was saying 'you're doing fine'. "Elka Shang!" She sounded a little cheerier on that last beat, extending her hand for a shake. Pascal seemed to be basking in the fact that he was called adorable, puffing out his chest to the young woman.

Elka barely had time to answer the woman's question before she flushed red, seemingly embarrassed as she stammered that she sometimes gets ahead of herself and shouldn't be so pushy and talkative. Elka gave somewhat a nervous laugh followed by a shallow smile.

"O-oh! No it's fine! It actually makes me feel a little better that you were so forward!" Elka gave a slightly brighter smile. "I'd love to go fishing, o-only if you're willing to teach an utter newbie!" She giggled nervously, touching her fingers together like a scared toddler. "I-I've never actually been swimming or really near water... other than baths of course!" Elka stammered, clearly becoming more and more nervous trying to hold a conversation.

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