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Ami noticed what Kawaii did and followed suite with her remaining sandwich half... and shook her head. "Yeah, that's not working for me." She then proceeded to finish the grilled cheese in her previous manner.

Freigya's hesitation did not go unnoticed, but the now airborne woobat wasn't quite sure what to do about it. Did I do something wrong? he asked himself, with a twinge of self-doubt. He already knew the answer, of course: their little psychokinetic connection had also cemented a sort of emotional bond between the two. But even Simple souls like himself were prone to lie to themselves on such a tricky matter... He wound up just hovering in place as he searched his mind unsuccessfully for a way to break the awkward silence...

Bell thought for a second before answering. 'Well, I figured that there were still a lot of things that are common knowledge that I don't know yet, and any of those could be dead giveaways.' He hung his head in defeat, giving a clearer view of the lime green gem on his head by accident. 'Like the whole blushing thing just now...'

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