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Don't Cross the Beams

Me: Should I ref a match late at night?
Brain: Go for it mate. What could possibly go wrong?

This round starts off on an odd wing for our avian friend who has been very evasive these last few rounds. Instead of taking advantage of her superior movement ability the owl just sits idly by and takes and Aurora Beam to the chest. Glyde smiles as he has finally landed his first real attack against the bird, but the grin quickly disappears as the image of Nott fades away. It was just a substitute all along. Out of the corner of his eye Glyde sees the real Nott covered in a crazy amount of energy and already barreling right towards him. Without having time to react Glyde grits his teeth and takes the powerful attack, feeling slightly less pain thanks to his powered up guts.

Taking back to the sky Nott prepares to pop a few bubbles with some wind. After taking such a strong attack the spider takes a few seconds to recover himself and relocate where the bird in now hovering in the air. Desperate to get at least something done this round Glyde tries to assault the owl with a large Beam of Bubbles. Having been waiting for this Nott fires her counter attack in the form of an Air Cutter. The wind blade slices through the first dozen bubbles, but starts to lose power as the beam keeps coming. While the cutter maybe losing power to the beam, the bubbles are not infinite. As Glyde is forced to call an end to his attack so does the cutter lose the last of its power and vanish, both attacks end up canceling each other out.

Glyde took a devastating hit and has already been thrown into his second third of health. Nott lost her sub. Both battlers could use a breather soon.
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