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Originally Posted by Sandaa View Post
Here you go, guys! Enjoy! :3

Elka stood there in awe of her Skitty who seemed confidant despite the large Fearow’s intimidating appearance, unfazed even in her first battle. The heron-like bird prepared its beak to strike at a moment’s notice, so Elka had to do some quick thinking to call out a strategy for her Pokemon. Mochi nodded, letting out a meow of comprehension and prepared for the start of battle.

Fearow cawed loudly and thrust its beak at Mochi, but the Skitty quickly jumped out of the way, using erratic movements to Fake Out the bird and follow up with a tackle. While the Fearow was caught off guard, Mochi shifted gears, blasting it with a Thunderbolt. The blast was a direct hit, but was not super effective thanks to Mochi’s Normalize ability channeling her powers to convert her attacks into Normal-type energy. Getting back to its feet, Fearow tried once more to strike Mochi with a Fury Attack, this time the attack the attack successfully landing thrice.

Pascal and the Teddiursa nervously watched on as Mochi stood her ground against the big, scary Fearow. Both Pokemon had exchanged some blows this round with Mochi coming out slightly on top in terms of health, but has expended a bit more energy as well. As Elka began to consider strategy for the next exchange of attacks in the battle, Fearow started flapping its wings slowly to hover just off the ground. From the looks of it, it seemed like Fearow’s next attack would come from the sky. It was up to Elka and Mochi to react accordingly.
Scared? Well, that was somewhat of an understatement. Elka could feel her heart pounding rapidly within her chest, she swore she could almost feel it resounding in her ears as well. She feared for Mochi, the young Skitty had spent all of her life cooped up inside a tiny cage for all Elka knew, and now she was forcing it to battle in an almost life or death situation. Elka almost felt like crying, she felt her heart in her throat and just wanted to cry out in desperation for this huge bird monstrosity to just leave them alone.

Elka had nearly forgotten about her Pokemon's Normalize ability, this battle probably would've been at least somewhat closer to over if she had taken the time to carefully think about her actions. She cursed herself, watching helplessly as the large bird was blasted with a normally effective thunderbolt. The bird seemed to become progressively more angry the more Mochi struck it, upon the most recent hit it was swept off it's feet. It was a small leap to finally calming the bird, but Elka had faith that they would be victorious in protecting this small bear. As the bird carefully raised itself to it's feet again, it angrily readied it's beak and hit Mochi multiple times with a bout of Fury Attack. The small pink cat recoiled from the hit, letting out a loud mewl as she was tossed a few feet to the side. Mochi raised herself back to her own feet, huffing with exertion as she starred down the Fearow. She let out a powerful hiss, almost sounding as though it had come from a completely different Pokemon than the tiny cat.

The Fearow responded with it's own powerful caw, flapping it's wings slowly in order to raise itself into the air. Elka looked skyward, raising her hand above her eyebrows in an attempt to block out the bright rays of the sun. Pascal stood by his trainer, motionless, ready to jump in if Elka commanded that Mochi needed help. The Teddiursa seemed jittery as well, keeping a close eye on the bird and it's tiny knight in shining armour. The Fearow had raised itself somewhat high into the sky, causing Elka to turn to her Pokemon. She knew it's next attack would be powerful, similar to it's first strike against the Pokemon. Elka hesitated, attempting to figure out exactly how she could react.

"Mochi!" The pink cat turned it's head toward her. "It's going to attack from the sky! I don't know how much you can do, but try and dodge the direct impact if you can. As you jump out of the way, try and blast it with a Hyper Voice!" The Skitty nodded, keeping it's eye on the bird as she braced herself for a quick dodge.

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