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You and your Pokemon headed back towards the shrine, Staryu a bit more hurried and excited than you were. Sure, this seemed like some kind of fool’s errand, but it didn’t hurt to give it a chance. The two of you headed back up on to the main platform of the shrine, footsteps echoing on the hollow wooden structure. Staryu took to the large door of the shrine, gem glowing with a slight buzzing noise as it inspected each square inch. You started looking low, fixated on finding something that could lead to the underground. Crouching next to a stone pillar that held the shrine up, you looked carefully at the foundation. Though it looked to be crumbling with age, a slight push proved that it was rather solid. There weren't any secret buttons or levers to be found here. You moved instead on to the ground level of the shrine, trying to see if you could spot anything under the floorboards. The sun, now directly overhead, did not provide you with enough light to clearly see anything of interest.

THUMPATHUMPATHUMP. THUD. The sudden tumbling noise startled you, and you immediately looked in its direction. The source was from Staryu, who had tried unsuccessfully to descend the stairs of the shrine. It now lay face-down at the bottom step. Sighing at the sea-star’s clumsiness, you headed to its side to help it back up. You righted Staryu again, who possibly looked embarrassed to take such a fall.

“HYA.” It stated, acknowledging your help. It wandered to the opposite side of the shrine from you, hoping to find something to impress you with. You watched as it continued to scan individual spots of dirt, making a disappointed sound when it came up with nothing. Intent on continuing your observation of this Pokemon, you found yourself wondering how this scanning method really worked. As it turned the corner around the shrine out of sight, you realized you should probably get back to your own searching. But where would you look next?



The small Roselia seemed to be calmed by your words. It realized you truly wanted to help it and its friends. You could tell this little one was brave, at least enough to approach you. It would be advantageous to continue letting it know you were on their side.

You called out the next attacks to your paralyzed Sandshrew. The Parasect had taken to whacking its frozen claw against Glasspine in frustration, trying to break the ice off on his rough hide. This seemed to be more of an annoyance than anything to your Pokemon, though the paralysis was preventing him from getting the Parasect to stop. Fortunately, he understood why you decided to have him use Façade next. He waited until the Parasect brought its claw up into the air again, and made sure to look like he was struggling greatly to move. Though the paralysis made his moves slow or even delayed, he was able to deliver a firm attack to the Parasect to take it off guard. This knocked the Parasect off balance, and it fell on its side with the weight of the mushroom on its back. It’s many legs wriggled in the air and it squealed in pure rage. The Sandshrew prepared itself for a Gyro Ball but found that its claws couldn’t move. The paralysis was slowly spreading throughout his body. As an alternative, he moved on to gathering poison in his claws. Glasspine thrust his arm forward to jab the Parasect in its soft underbelly. Before his arm could fully extended, it locked up and refused to move.

“Sand!” He cried out in frustration, then looked to Tori to continue on for the team. Approaching the upturned bug Tori put on her best sympathetic face. She placed her claws on either side of it, offering a charming Helping Hand to the poor thing. The Parasect seemed convinced enough to stop squirming and lower its defenses, perhaps believing that Tori was once again under its influence. It didn't need to send any more of its henchmen to defend it for now. The three unharmed Roselia, surprisingly clever, realized that this was their chance to help out. They had gathered around Glasspine, forming a circle with their roses. At first, you were worried they were going to start the chanting again, but instead small green orbs begin to surround them. Together, the flowered Pokemon Synthesized a cure for Glasspine’s paralysis. The Ground-type looked relieved, and immediately thanked his healers.

Satisfied your plan was working so far, you took a look down at the bagged mushroom in your hands. You turned it slowly through the plastic, meticulously checking it for any information it could give you. As you reached the final side of it, you noticed, to your horror, a small bite mark. You hurriedly brought your attention over to Tori, worried that this meant what you thought it did. As if on cue, the Nidorina slumped to the ground.


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