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"Very cool," Keith smiled as Kawaii mentioned adopting a Shuppet recently. "Shuppet are very interesting Pokémon." And then, as if on cue, that very Shuppet passed through the wall, greeting Keith with a friendly smile. Keith couldn't help but smile back- this Shuppet's demeanor reminded him very much of that of Helena's. "Hi, there," Keith greeted the Shuppet, speaking in Shuppet language. "I'm Keith, what's your name?"

A pleasure to meet you, Andromeda replied.

James, at that moment, finished his burrito, and gave a loud, echoing belch. Besides causing Andromeda's core to briefly flash an unpleasant shade of brown, it elicited no reaction from the Starmie whatsoever. "Whoo... Excuse me," the Vileplume remarked. "My compliments to the chef."

And I take it you've already met James, Andromeda continued, her core back to its normal color. We think he was a Snorlax in a former life.

Pomona smiled at the Skitty, and laid down on the floor beside Rumpleteaser, still eating her burrito. "Mmm~" she remarked. "This food is really good!"

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