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(Oh Maudlin. Are you having a midlife crisis now? *Dead Rattata on Harley says nothing* I don’t understand how you even got it inside. The door isn’t big enough.)

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The Park

The Ghost Train
The choices were presented to you rather straightforward. Three independent controls that did who knows what, though you reason what their functions would be if this were a regular train. If it were though, you felt it best to use them in an order where you would start with, what you hope would be, the safest option.

You yank the chain switch dangling beside you and a screeching whistle blows above you, resonating through the darkness and echoing its call to the banshee. Clearly this was for the whistle, and it did little else. The second option was the button between the train’s two eye sockets. Pressing it made two red lights behind you glow their incandescent light, spilling out of the skull’s sockets and lighting up the path ahead. Nothing but darkness could be seen and the red light did little in giving you a sense of direction but did all it could in adding tension to the now lust-red illuminated room.

The last option, and possibly the most obvious one in putting the train to a halt. You wrap your fingers around the bronze lever and take a few seconds to mentally prepare for what might come. You pull it back, the lever stiff in moving but once you put in a bit more force the lever flips in the opposite direction and you’re suddenly thrown forwards by the momentum. Whistling screeches reverberate in the steel engine room as the brakes hit the wheels hard, successfully slowing down the ever-speeding train. You pull yourself up and gaze once more out of the skull’s sockets. Nothing could be seen and the train’s haphazard speed was still not over yet. The brakes continue their work, pressing down on metal disks when you finally see something in the distance. Something was coming up ahead.

You couldn’t tell what it was at first but with the train’s current speed it was coming at you fast. Your heart sinks when you see what it was; a wall. Dusk-grey panels held by ivory connectors formed an immense wall that rose up indefinitely and stretched as far into the horizon as you could tell, and worse, the train was heading straight towards it.

Perhaps you panic, or even try to pull the lever down harder but your final moments of desperation weren’t enough and the train engine plummeted straight into the wall. You shield yourself for the impact, and a heavy blow knocks you in your head.


The next thing you know your head was pounding from pain and you felt the room spinning in circles. You were disoriented, stunned, and as far as you could tell you were crawling on the floor. Your eyes were swollen with white as your senses still hadn’t recovered, but you make out a sound coming towards you. Footsteps and clanging metal were marching up and down the carriages. A voice shouted. “…eck other …’ll…engine…” It sounded angry, the note of a growling human, or perhaps a monster.

Your body still wouldn’t cooperate with you but your vision was slowly returning, allowing you to note vague contours and shapes. The door to the engine room opened and a shadow stood in its opening, another growling creature came up beside it, smaller but fierce. The light from the carriage behind flowed into the room and helped you regain some of your sight.

“You!” The shadow points at you, clearly angry. “Get off this train!” it hounds at you. You still weren’t fully awake though but the shadow seemed to care little. It grabbed you by the collar and in a surprising feat of strength pushed you against the wall. “Didn’t you hear me? Move and get out!” You were eye to eye with whatever it was and the final shock of being shoved against the wall brought your eyesight back to life, though you had every reason to believe it hadn’t. The face you saw before you was of bone, an angry-looking eye cradled within the skull’s socket. No, that wasn’t quite right. The other half of its face still had flesh, though it was putrid and rotting from decay. The hand holding onto your collar you realise was nothing more than pieces of flesh hanging off of bone. The other shadow had reshaped itself to the figure of a Houndoom, an orange glow pouring out of its gaping mouth as it threatened you to obey.

“Last warning!” the decaying corpse barks at you. “Get o-“ The thing stopped as his lower jaw unhinged itself from the skull portion of its face, suspended now only by a stretch of flesh that was attached to the side of its face that was still in decay. It gives a few annoying grumbles, tongue wavering below his teeth and lets go of you so it could reposition its jaw. You notice at this point that the thing was dressed in a uniform of sorts. Though it didn’t look new you noted by the coloration and design that it was one that would belong to an officer; a policeman or a conductor perhaps?

The creature finally locks its jaw back in place and points at you. “Get off or else! Houndoom,” he ordered his Pokémon. The Pokémon’s mouth glowed a new shade of red in preparation for an attack.”

You weren’t sure what was going on, but the choices were laid out for you. Do you get off the train peacefully, or do you put up a fight? Try to reason first, or ask questions later?

What do you do?
In hindsight, he should have gone for the lever first.

As the train screamed forward, Alex had tried the chain first, assuming that it may do something. The shriek of the whistle, almost akin to the banshee, told him this was the wrong choice. The button, too, was futile, merely replicating his first view of the locomotive, two red lights behind him illuminating the room a lustful red, but doing nothing.

I should have gone for the lever first.

With the first two options spent, he grabbed the lever, bracing himself for a few seconds, before pulling back hard. The bronze rod moved stiffly to start, but then jolted forward, causing a pang of sharp pain in his chest where the rib broke, but what cry of pain he had was drowned out by the screech of steel on steel, as he discovered the brakes at last. Climbing back onto his feet from the stumble, he gave a gasp before looking out the window, feeling the train slow down gradually, as something came into view.

why oh why did you not go for the lever first

Ivory and grey, it was a vast wall. A wall the train was charging towards at still high speeds. Alex contemplated hopping off, but at these speeds and his condition right now, that would be a fatal mistake. Swiftly gripping the lever, he tried pushing down harder, but the lever wouldn't budge, the brakes weren't slowing the train down fast enough, the-

In the brief instant the engine collided with the wall, Alex's body was open, and momentum carried him forwards, and the last thing he could remember before the world turned black once more was the interior wall coming at him at speeds of roughly fast per hour.

It'll be more than just a rib now, you should have just gone for the lever you idiot.



Deep, throbbing pain.

Pain in the head.

Pain in the chest.

Pain all over.


Dark. Dark, yet darker.


Thump, thump, clank, clank.

It hurt.

Every sound hurt.


Other. Engine.


Can't move.

The darkness wanes.

Shapes. Objects.

A door.

A shadow. Two shadows.

Metal in the mouth.



Who? What?

"Get off this train!"


Pain. So much pain.

No, train.

Yes, train. Fast train, wall train.

Shadow moving. Shadow grabbing.

A sharp gasp.

Incredible pain.


Even more pain.

No, vision.

Alex's sight returned to him as he gazed in shock at the being before him, holding him against the wall as the thoughts of what had happened sprung back to him. He must have hit the wall even harder than the first time, and he felt something run down from his mouth down his face.

"Didn't you hear me? Move and get out!"

He looked towards the source of the voice. He saw bone housing an angry exposed eye, and fetid flesh rotting on the bone. His eye drooped to the hand gripping him, bone and flesh. He looked toward the other creature, horned canine, mouth agape with sinister glow, Houndoom.

"Last warning! Get o-" the figure barked until the jaw fell off his mouth, hanging by flesh. The figure - no, zombie would be more apt - grumbled before reattaching the jaw, releasing him as he slumped back against the wall, face in painful grimace as he held his chest, much more pain within. The corpse spoke once more after fixing itself, the human noticing only now the uniform. Policeman? Conductor?

"Get off or else! Houndoom," he snarled once more, the Houndoom's mouth glowing in preparation, and it was clear the being planned to enforce the leave. Before he could do anything, Alex coughed. Hard. He dropped to his knees, covering mouth, as the internal pain overcame him momentarily, scarlet seeping between the fingers. Blood. Quite a bit of blood.

He swallowed, climbing back to feet, light-headed. He noticed the look both gave him, and could only give a weary nod, one which required effort on his part. He was in considerable pain, making his way for the exit of the train. He'd been on it far too long.

"S-ure...officer...too much...ban...shees anyways..." he whispered, finding it hard to bring voice above that. His head was reeling, and he had a limp. He had no idea how hard he hit the interior, but it must have been hard enough to do serious damage, likely smashing more of his ribs. He paused just at the door, turning head towards the pair, and asked an innocent question, given his situation, before leaving the train in a peaceful manner. He was in no way fit to argue with anything that looked more alive than he currently felt.

"...where in I...?"
Stale Water.

Unruly Premonition.
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