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The Electric Masters Regionals: The Catalyst Crisis!

"Master, it's time to wake up!" Telpo exclaimed, causing Jake to nearly jump out of bed.

"Who's there, what do you...oh i-it's just you Telpo." Jake said sheepishly.
"It is, haven't you heard me calling you? If you don't get up, you're going to be late for the tournament." Telpo explained.
"Tournament? O-oh yeah...I nearly forgot..." Jake murmured.
"I don't know how you could. I know yesterday was quite busy, but we've been planning this trip for a while." Telpo replied, before leaving the room.
"So you're sure you got your ticket to register?" Telpo questioned as the two made their way down the busy streets of Amperet city.
"Of course I did....I'm not that forgetful." Jake replied.
"Need I remind you that you nearly forgot about the tournament in the first place?"
"Fair point." Jake nodded.

"Watch out, watch out! Get out of the way!" A voice suddenly cried out from behind the pair.
Jake spun around, just in time for a Zebstrika to slam him in the gut! The force of the impact knocked him off his feet, causing him to land on the hard cement below.

"Master are you ok?" Telpo asked.

"I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to hit you." The Zebstrika's trainer said, rushing over to help Jake.

"As I said, I'm really sorry, I was-wait, Jake? Long time no see!" The man exclaimed.

"Tyler...i-it's nice to...see you." Jake said as he got back onto his feet.
"Wait, you two know each other?" Telpo questioned.

"Um..y-yeah. Telpo...this is Tyler, h-he was the one I...mentioned before. The o-one at the previous tournament." Jake explained.

"A-and Tyler, t-this is Telpo. He' of my...Pokemon..yeah."

"Well it's very nice to meet you Telpo." Tyler said.
"The pleasure is all mine. What brings you here anyway?" Telpo questioned.
"The same reason you two are here I'm assuming, I'm registering for the Electric Masters Regionals" Tyler explained.
" actually...managed to get a ticket?" Jake asked.
"Hell yeah I did! After we parted ways, me and Zebstrika began training every single day.
Eventually we entered the tournament again, and we managed to make the top four." Tyler explained. "But enough talking, you're heading to Amperet stadium right? Mind if I join you?"

"I mean...the stadium is right there." Telpo said, pointing to the domed building. Indeed, the building seemed to be not even a block away.
"But sure, we could use the company."
With that, the group made their way towards the building, excited to see what the tournament had in store.
Once inside, Tyler let out a groan. The lobby was jam packed full of people!
"If I knew it was going to be this busy, I would have gotten here earlier!" Tyler exclaimed.
"No need to get so upset. I'm sure you'll have plenty of time to register." Telpo replied.
Sure enough, it only took a few minutes for Tyler to reach the counter, and shortly afterwards, Jake.

"Ticket please." The attendant requested.
"Oh sorry...ummm, h-here you go." Jake said, handing over his ticket.
The attendant nodded, before scanning the ticket, bringing up a screen which seemed to contain various information.
"Thank you for registering Jake Eclair, you can have a seat until your first match." The attendant said.
"T-That's it? D-don't I...have to register m-my Pokemon...or something?" Jake questioned.
"No. Our systems have been upgraded to automatically register any Pokemon from your trainer profile, as long as they meet the requirements of the tournament." The attendant explained.
"Ok..t-thank you." Jake murmured, before taking a seat in the lobby, the one right next to Tyler.

"So, the attendant said it was going to be a bit before they start calling us." Tyler shook his head. "I just want to start battling, you know?"
"I-I mean..I guess so.." Jake murmured.
"Hey, is everything ok?" Tyler asked. "You've been acting kinda weird lately."
"Huh? W-what are you talking about? I-I'm fine." Jake replied. "J-just nervous, t-that's all."
"Really, well ok. So I've told you what I've been up what about you? Anything exciting?"

Jake hesitated for a moment. Could he really trust Tyler enough to tell him what had happened recently? Tyler didn't seem like a bad person though...surely he'd be an ok person to tell, Jake reasoned.

With this in mind, Jake began to explain what had happened. His encounter with Team Catalyst in Ryuu town, and what had transpired in Hagane city. He even explained the origins of Team Catalyst, as well as his father's connections to them, though he left out the part about his murder.

"Oh wow, I never realized how much of a threat those guys were." Zack said once the story was finished.
"I mean, I knew they were bad people, what with taking my Eelektrik and all. But I never knew just how terrible they really were."

"It caught us all by surprise." Telpo chimed. "But the more people that are aware of them, the easier it'll be to stop them."

"You're right." Tyler nodded. "Just, tell me what I can do to help. Anything to stop those scum."

"Jake Eclair? Is Jake Eclair here?" The attendant called out, prompting Jake to walk to the front.
"Your first match will be starting shortly. It's going to be a one on one match for the first round." The attendant explained. "Please grab any Pokemon you need from the PC in the corner, then follow me."
Ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to our next match here at the Electric Masters Regionals!" A familiar announcers voice boomed over the arena.

"On the left we have Erika Lee from Goldenrod City! And on the right is Jake Eclair from Asperita City! Both Erika and Jake managed to reach the top two in their respective tournaments, so this match should prove to be an interesting one!" The announcer exclaimed.

At the edge of the arena, a referee stood, waiting to start the battle.
"Alright, Erika you will be picking your Pokemon and making the first move, is that clear?" The referee asked.

"Fine by me." The woman nodded, before turning to her opponent.
"Let's give it our all, ok Jake? No matter the outcome, the most important thing is to have fun!"
The woman then grabbed a Pokeball from her belt and tossed it into the air. From the ball emerged a mostly yellow bird, with what appeared to be pom-poms on the end of it's wings.

"It seems that Erika has chosen Oricorio for her Pokemon! Just what Pokemon will her opponent choose?" The announcer questioned.

Jake had never seen a Pokemon quite like the one that Erika had sent out. Jake quickly reached into his bag, grabbing out his Pokedex, before scanning the strange Pokemon.

"Oricorio, Pom-Pom Style. An Electric and Flying type." The Pokedex droned.
"It creates an electric charge by rubbing its feathers together. It dances over to its enemies and delivers shocking electrical punches."

"An Electric Flying type huh? Hmm, it's probably pretty fast then." Jake thought to himself. If that was true, he was going to need to use someone that could match it's speed, and Jake had just the Pokemon in mind!

"Alright Tessa, you're up!" Jake called as he grabbed a golden plated Pokeball and tossed it into the air. From the ball emerged the Cosplay Pikachu, who seemed to be wearing a dress and bonnet.
"And Jake has chosen Pikachu as his Pokemon! With both Pokemon now ready to roll, let the battle begin!" The announcer exclaimed.

"Ok Oricorio let's start with Pound, then use Air Slash!" Erika barked.

"Tessa use Quick Attack, then follow it up with Iron Tail!!" Jake ordered.

Eager to finish the battle as soon as possible, Tessa sprinted towards her opponent as quick as she could! The Cosplay Pikachu then slammed into Oricorio and dealing a bit of damage to it.

In retaliation, the dancer Pokemon smacked Tessa with one of it's wings, causing her to be sent flying back.
But Oricorio wasn't done quite yet! The dancer Pokemon took to the air, before channeling energy into it's wing. Oricorio then slashed at the air, sending a sharp blade of energy towards Tessa.

Thinking quickly, Tessa leaped high into the air, narrowly avoiding the oncoming attack! She then cloaked her tail in a sheet of metal, before slamming down on Oricorio from above, sending the dancer Pokemon spiraling into the ground!

"What an amazing round folks! It seems that despite it's size, Jake's Pikachu is no push over! With Oricorio already falling quickly behind, can Erika hope to recover?" The announcer questioned.

"Let's...let's keep this up Tessa. Start with Icicle Crash, then follow it with Electro Ball!" Jake ordered.

"Oricorio go with Revelation Dance, next go with another Pound!" Erika called.

Once again Tessa was the first to act! She began to channel the power of her outfit in order to unleash a special move! The Cosplay Pikachu unleashed a strange icy mist, which quickly moved towards Oricorio.
The mist then thickened, creating a giant icicle, which crashed into the dancer Pokemon, causing massive damage as Oricorio let out a loud shriek!

In retaliation, Oricorio began to dance, rubbing it's pom-pom like feathers together as it did so. Once finished, Oricorio threw it's wings forwards, sending a bolt of lightning towards it's opponent!

Tessa couldn't help but smile as the electricity struck her tail, which acted as a Lightning Rod, increasing her special attack power!

Oricorio seemed quite distraught by this turn of events, allowing Tessa a chance to strike!

With her new found power, the Cosplay Pikachu began to gather electrical energy into her tail, forming a ball of it at the tip! With a swing of her tail, the ball of energy was sent flying, smacking into Oricorio and sending the dancer Pokemon flying backwards!

But Oricorio wasn't quite finished yet! Getting back on it's feet, the dancer Pokemon lunged at Tessa, striking her with one of it's wings!

"With another exciting round finished, it seems that Pikachu has continued it's lead! After being hit with both Icicle Crash and Electro Ball, it seems Oricorio's health has dropped to dangerous levels! Will it be able to recover? Let's find out!" The announcer exclaimed.

"We can't lose Oricorio! Go with Steel Wing, then Air Slash!" Erika barked.

"We've got this Tessa. When Oricorio get's close, use Thunder Punch. Then finish this with Icicle Crash!" Jake exclaimed.

Heading her trainers instructions, Tessa waited as Oricorio took to the skies once again! Surrounding it's wings in a sheet of metal, the dancer Pokemon dove towards Tessa, keen on striking her with one of it's metalic wings!

As the dancer Pokemon approached, Tessa leaped into the air, landing right onto Oricorio's back!

"Oricorio, you've gotta shake Pikachu off!" Erika called out to her Pokemon.

Tessa held on for dear life as Oricorio began to flail around in the air, the dancer Pokemon desperate to shake off it's opponent!
While holding on with one hand, Tessa began to cloak her other in a veil of electricity! The Cosplay Pikachu then swung her fist into Oricorio's back!

Tessa leaped off Oricorio as the began to fall to the ground, the Cosplay Pikachu landing safely on two feet.

Wasting no time, Tessa once again began to channel the power of her outfit in order to unleash a special move! The Cosplay Pikachu unleashed a strange icy mist, which quickly moved towards the dancer Pokemon.
The mist then thickened, creating a giant icicle, which crashed into Oricorio, causing it to shriek in pain, before collapsing to the floor.

"Oricorio is unable to battle, which means the winner is Jake and Pikachu!" The referee yelled.

"What an exciting battle! With Pikachu's powerful moves and quick thinking, it seems it and Jake have managed to move on to the second round!" The announcer exclaimed.
"So, how'd it go?" Tyler questioned as Jake entered the lounge once more.
"I won....B-but Tessa really s-stole the show." Jake said. "Oh, Tessa s-she's my Pikachu."
"Well that's great to hear." Tyler nodded. "Anyway, while you were out there, Telpo here suggested we check out this hot dog stand."
"Apparently Amperet city hotdogs are some of the best in Fizzytopia, or so they say." Telpo explained. "Of course, that's ridiculous, but I wouldn't mind trying them out anyway."
"W-well....sure...why not? I-I am kind of hungry." Jake confessed.
"Me too master. Now, according to what I've shouldn't be too far from this building." Telpo chimed. "Well...that's what I've heard anyway. Regardless it shouldn't be to hard to find."
With that Telpo floated out of the lounge and to the front entrance, the others following close behind.
Though the group was eager to find the hotdog stand, their search had barely begun before they were stopped.

"Jake! Jake I finally found you!" A voice called out, causing Jake to turn to it's source.

The voice appeared to be coming from a familiar looking Turtwig, who was quickly approaching the group. After a moment, Jake realized why the Turtwig looked so familiar, it was the same one that his father had originally owned!

"Turtwig?! W-what are you doing here?" Jake asked.
"Look..there's no time to explain. But..we...really need your help." Turtwig said in between deep breathes. "Just...follow me ok? I'll explain there."
"A-alright, everyone...let's f-follow him." Jake said, before taking off after the tiny leaf Pokemon.

"So, no one's going to explain who that Turtwig was? Or how Jake could understand it?" Tyler asked.
"I don't think we really have time to sit around and explain." Telpo chimed. "But I'll inform you as we follow them, ok?"

"Fair enough." Tyler nodded. "Then let's get going, yeah?"
With that, Tyler, Telpo and Zebstrika began to chase after Jake and Turtwig.
"So basically Jake's father used to own a Turtwig and a few other Pokemon." Telpo began as he continued to chase after Jake.
"Well one day Jake's father uhh...unexpectedly died, and so the Turtwig and the others were released. That was the last we saw of them, and that was about four years." Telpo explained.
"So for one of his Pokemon to show up now, I'm guessing it's for a good reason."

"Alright that makes sense." Tyler replied. "But what I still don't get is how Jake could understand it? Am I missing something?"

"Really, Jake hasn't told you? He can understand Pokemon language." Telpo said. "Before you ask, no we don't know how that came about. Apparently it doesn't even work in some locations, or with certain Pokemon, it's a real mystery."

"It sounds like everything about you guys is a mystery if I'm being honest." Tyler replied. "Still, being able to understand most Pokemon? That's a pretty cool ability."

As Telpo and Tyler's conversation died down, their chase did too, as soon Turtwig lead them into what appeared to be an abandoned building.
As he entered the building, Jake couldn't help but wonder why everyone insisted on bringing him to such places. Once inside, the group quickly realized they weren't alone. Inside the small room was a Boldore, Drilbur, and an Ariados.

"Glad you're back Turtwig. And you brought Jake with you? Perfect." The Ariados smiled.

"Alright, so we're here. Now, mind telling us what's going on? You said it was urgent." Telpo chimed.

"W-where have you guys..been anyway?" Jake questioned. "I-I just....left one day...and now you're back?"

"Don't worry, I'll answer both of your questions. It'll have to be quick though, we don't have much time." Turtwig explained.

As Turtwig began to speak, Telpo began to translate what the tiny leaf Pokemon was saying, in order for Tyler to be able to understand.

"To start, after Jake and the others saved us from our former trainer-"
"Wait, I thought he unexpectedly died?" Tyler questioned, cutting Turtwig off.
"Oh yeah, that's what I meant. Just a mistranslation on my part." Telpo replied.

"Anyway, as I was saying. After what happened with our trainer, me and the rest of the group began our mission to help Pokemon escape their abusive trainers." Turtwig explained.
"Eventually we met with a man who had a lofty goal. He wanted to take down an evil team, know as Team Catalyst. Though our former trainer had been a part of it, we had no idea just what the group had done, until the man explained it to us.
Together, we created an organization know as the Catalyst Prevention Agency."

"W-wait, you created the..CPA?" Jake questioned.
"I'm assuming the man you're talking about...that would be Zack Esprit, right?" Telpo added.

"Both of you are indeed correct." Turtwig nodded.
"As for why I called you here. Yesterday, after you left, Zack sent Sophie and the rest of us on a mission. I don't know if you know, but a popular tourist destination in Amperet city is it's museum." Turtwig explained.

"So what does that have to do with your mission?" Tyler questioned.

"I'm getting there, be patient." Turtwig replied.
"On the bottom floor of the museum rests a special type of Pokeball. It is said to be able to capture any and all Pokemon, even legendary Pokemon.

"So let me guess, Catalyst has their sights on it, and wants to snatch Project X with it?" Telpo asked.

"Correct. Now this ball isn't known about to the general public, and the bottom floor has tight security, so I don't know how, but they have managed to catch wind of it." Turtwig explained.
"This would be pretty bad already, but it gets worse. You see...when Sophie went to investigate the place, Team Catalyst attacked and kidnapped everyone inside, including Sophie."

"T-then we've gotta stop them. I-I can only imagine..what they'd do to everyone." Jake said.

"Indeed master. Turtwig, do you know where everyone's being held?" Telpo asked.
"All I know is they're being held somewhere in the museum." Turtwig replied.

"Well then what are we waiting for?! We've gotta save those people, and maybe teach those Catalyst scum a lesson while we're at it!" Tyler exclaimed.

"Agreed. If they have their sights on that ball, then we must insure they don't get it." Telpo added.

"Glad you're with us." Turtwig nodded. "We don't have time to waste. The museum shouldn't be to far. Let's go everyone!"
"Alright this is the place." Turtwig said as the group of eight approached the building. The tiny leaf Pokemon really didn't need to tell them though, the large sign on the front clearly spelled it out for them.

"So this is it? We just charge in there?" Telpo questioned. "I wouldn't say that would be very wise, maybe we should come up with a proper plan."

"Are you kidding?! We don't have time to think!" Tyler exclaimed.

"Yes, but let's not be rash about it." Telpo replied. But the Abra's words fell on deaf ears as Tyler and Zebstrika were already heading through the front door.

"Well....w-we tried." Jake sighed.
"Yeah. We should probably follow him though. I don't think we need any more hostages." Turtwig replied.

As the rest of the group made their way into the museum, they were met with a stunning silence. The entire floor appeared to be void of all people, there wasn't even someone behind the front counter.

"So no one's here? Did Catalyst evacuate everyone to the lower levels?" Telpo questioned.

"I don't know." Turtwig whispered. "But we should probably be careful. We wouldn't want to tip them off that we're here."

"Guys! I think I found something!" Tyler exclaimed, beckoning the others over to where he was standing.

"Quiet, y-you're going to give us away." Jake said as he made his way over to Tyler.

"I'm afraid it's a bit too late for that." A voice called out before a familiar pair of Catalyst stepped into the groups line of vision.

"You! You're ones that took my Eelektrik!" Tyler exclaimed.
"What a brilliant observation." Victoria replied. "Yes we snatched your Eelektrik, what of it? I can assure you it will serve a much greater purpose working for us."

"Greater purpose?! I-I'll beat every last one of you if I have to. No one messes with me and gets away with it." Tyler spat.

"Funny, we were about to say the same thing." Fredrick replied. "We almost have Project X in our grasp, and we'll beat anyone who gets in our way. Especially those who've betrayed us." Fredrick added, glancing at Turtwig's group.

"Don't compare us to you scum bags. We didn't have a choice in joining in the first place." Turtwig replied, Telpo quick to translate his words.

"Is that so? Well quite frankly I don't really care." Victoria said. "You see, we're kind of busy with something, so just...get out of our hair ok?"
Once her words had left her mouth, Victoria grabbed a Pokeball from her belt and tossed it into the air, Fredrick following shortly afterwards.

From the Pokeballs emerged a Lopunny and Absol, both seemed to be quite eager to battle the group in front of them.

"We really don't have time for this." Turtwig grumbled. "The longer they stall..well the more likely we'll be too late."

"Then you guys get going, I can handle these two!" Tyler exclaimed. "I still need to teach them a lesson for stealing my Eelektrik after all."

"That's cute. Sorry, but we can't let that happen. Lopunny make sure no one escapes our grasp!" Victoria barked.

"Same with you Absol. Strike down any who refuse to cooperate!" Fredrick barked.

Heeding their trainer's orders, Lopunny and Absol charged at the group at an incredible speed!

"Zebstrika, Wild Charge!" Tyler exclaimed.
Tyler's Zebstrika let out a cry, before speeding towards Lopuuny and Absol, it's body covered in an electrical aura! The thunderbolt then slammed into the pair, causing both Pokemon to let out a cry, before falling backwards.

"Now's our chance everyone, let's go!" Telpo chimed.
With a nod, Jake, Telpo and Turtwig's group rushed past the Catalyst grunts, and deeper into the museum...
"So umm...j-just how many floors does this place have?" Jake questioned as the group made their way down onto the second floor.

"Zack said there should be four. Though only three are known to most of the public." Turtwig explained.

"So the fourth floor, that's where that special Pokeball is, right?" Telpo questioned.

"That's correct. The owner of the museum decided that it was too dangerous for the public eye to know about it." Turtwig replied.

"W-wait. So then....why even have it?" Jake asked.

"Beats me. That's not really impor-"
"Quiet, I hear people coming." Telpo chimed, cutting Turtwig's sentence short.

Indeed footsteps and the sound of murmuring could be heard from nearby..and it seemed to be coming there way.

"Everyone hide." Turtwig whispered, before diving behind a display case, Drilbur, Ariados and Boldore soon followed.

"Master this way." Telpo chimed, ushering his trainer behind a large Tyrantrum statue. Though Jake was worried he'd be caught with such a silly hiding place, his fears proved to be for naught, for the Catalyst grunt past by without as much as a glance in his direction.

"Oh Emily, didn't realize you were here." The grunt said, grabbing Jake's attention.
He hadn't realized it before, but there had been a second Catalyst grunt, walking the opposite way the first one had been.

"Yeah well, I kind of had to. The boss did stress that this was important." Emily replied. "Besides, it's not like I'd miss out on that bonus for doing this."
"Bonus?" The man questioned. "What kind of bonus? I've never heard about any bonus."
"You're so dumb sometimes Michael. The boss said anyone who helps keep intruders from interrupting this gets paid double time." Emily explained.

"Really? Sweet. I don't really get why though." Michael replied. "I mean, no one in their right mind is going storm this place, right?"

"Who knows. With Project X nearby, that resistance group may very well be on our tails. So let's keep our eyes peeled, just in case, yeah?"

"Yeah." Michael nodded. "See you around."
With that the pair of grunts split off, each going their separate ways.
Once they were out of sight, the group emerged from their hiding places, before regrouping.

" heard what they said...a-about Project X r-right?" Jake asked.
"Indeed." Turtwig nodded. "If what they say is true, it means we have no time to waste. Let's hurry."

As the group continued to search for the way down to the next floor, Jake couldn't help but glance at the various displays the museum had to offer.
Beside the Tyrantrum statue from earlier, was an Aurorus statue. Each statue seemed to have a small plaque in front of it, most likely explaining more about the pieces.
There also seemed to be displays of a Carracosta, as well as an Omastar and Kabutops.
"Master, we're here." Telpo chimed, gesturing to the stairs in front of them.
"Oh...right..sorry." Jake murmured. "I-I guess..I kind of g-got distracted..huh?"
"It's ok master just...Turtwig is right, we do need to hurry." Telpo replied. "I know you're probably worried about Sophie and Tyler, but we can help them after."
"Y-yeah." Jake nodded. "Let's go then."
Making their way to the third floor, the first thing the group noticed was that it was much smaller then the previous two floors. Though they had been big expansive floors, this one was nothing more then a hallway. On either side of the walls were various pedestals, each holding what appeared to be different types of Pokeballs.

"Well well well, look who's decided to show up." A voice called out, turning the group's attention to the end of the hall.
The owner of the voice was a woman who appeared to be quite tall, and had long, silky black hair. Unlike the gray lab coat the other Catalyst members the woman's was pitch black, signifying her status as a Catalyst admin. Beside her was a Magmortar, who watched the group rather intently.

"N-No way...Shelly?! Y-you're working with Team Catalyst?" Jake questioned.
"Yeah, what of it? I thought that was kind of obvious after our previous two encounters." Shelly retorted.

"P-previous two..encounters?" Jake questioned. "W-we've only met once...a-at Ryuu town."

"Is that so? You're sure some of your Pokemon didn't fall under our care for a bit? Maybe after a certain attack by yours truly? Because I can can tell you the money I got from that was very real." Shelly cackled.

"Ahh!" Jake cried out, griping his head upon hearing the woman's words.

"Master, what's wrong? Are you ok?" Telpo questioned as he rushed to his trainer's side.

"I-i'm....fine. It's just...I-I remember her now...." Jake murmured. "But..i-it's as if I just....r-relearned that information. L-like it had been...erased from m-my mind."

"Look you two and your group of traitors can stop babbling now. You see, I'm not too impressed with you after what happened in Ryuu town, Jake." Shelly spat.

"I had the perfect plan of snatching the Ebony flute for Catalyst, and you and that stupid girl had to ruin it. Unfortunately I wasn't able to roast you to a crisp back in town, but that won't be a problem now. Magmortar use Fire Blast!" Shelly bellowed.

Following his trainers instructions, Magmortar stuck out it's arm, before channeling a large amount of fire at it's tip.
Jake barely had time to react as the blast Pokemon sent a wall of flames his way!
Jake jumped to his left just as the flames reached his previous position, narrowly avoiding getting roasted.

"No matter how many times you avoid me, you'll become nothing but cinders in the end, even if I have to burn this entire place to the ground!" Shelly exclaimed.

"Jake we don't have time to deal with her. We need to get to the fourth floor now!" Turtwig exclaimed. "We're going to do what Tyler did before, ok? Just...make sure you stop them, ok?"

"R-right." Jake nodded.
"I'll help too, Turtwig. You're going to need very bit of strength you can get." Telpo chimed.

"Thank you, Telpo. Now Drilbur use Slash, Ariados use Poison Jab, and Boldore go with Rock Blast!" Turtwig ordered.

"Magmortar, we'll show them what happens when they mess with an admin of Team Catalyst! Use Fire Blast, then go for Mega Punch!" Shelly barked.

With both sides having heard their orders, all the Pokemon began to clash! In the resulting chaos, Jake managed to slip by Shelly and head to the bottom floor...
Much like the previous floor, the final floor was quite small, consisting of only a single hallway, with a small room at the end. Within the room stood a man, who appeared to be wearing a silver lab coat, a familiar x pattern was stitched onto the back.

"S-stop right there!" Jake exclaimed, causing the man to turn around.
Upon seeing the man's face Jake let out a gasp. He was the one that had attacked Sophie and him at his base nearly three years ago. Though it had been quite some time since the attack, the man's face had stuck in Jake's mind all the same.

"Welcome Jake, I see you've come to stop me once again, huh?" The man questioned as he slowly approached the teen.

"O-of course..I-I won't stand by as Team you d-do these..horrific things." Jake replied.

"Horrific? Do you truly think we're that bad? What makes you think that?"

"T-team Catalyst preforms....unethical experiments on Pokemon. T-they slaughter...innocent Pokemon. All in the name of....making the world...a better place? You're doing the exact opposite." Jake explained.

"Unethical experiments? Slaughtering innocent Pokemon? I can assure you that we do none of those things." The man replied.
"Perhaps we got off on the wrong foot last time? Let me reintroduce myself. Some may know me as the leader of Team Catalyst, but you may call me Chris." Chris explained.
"Now I don't know where you've heard those things about Team Catalyst, but I speak the truth when I tell you that that isn't what Team Catalyst is about. Our goal is to capture a powerful Pokemon, known as Project X, in order to create a better world."

"You're lying. I know..y-you've been preforming those...disgusting experiments. You've even held a knife to my friends throat, so...I-I don't want to hear it about your better world." Jake replied.

"Whoa whoa, what? You're really confusing me now. I can assure you I never held a knife to your friends throat." Chris said.

"Liar! I-I've heard enough. I'll make you pay..for everyone you've wronged!" Jake exclaimed, before grabbing a Cherish Ball from his bag and tossing it into the air. From the ball emerged a Galvantula, who turned to his trainer and gave a firm nod, before facing the man in front of him.

"You know, I really wish it didn't have to come to this." Chris said, letting out an audible sigh. "But I can't have you trying to stop us. Not when we're so close to our goal." He then grabbed a regular Pokeball from his belt, chucking it onto the floor.
From the ball materialized a mighty Hydreigon, which let out a roar that echoed through out the building.

"Hydreigon use Flamethrower, then Dragon Rush!" Chris barked.

"L-let's give it our all Sparky. Start with Signal Beam, follow it with Cross Poison!" Jake ordered.

Eager to begin, Hydreigon flew towards Sparky. The brutal Pokemon then sent a large stream of fire from it's mouth and straight towards Sparky!

Unable to react in time, Sparky let out a cry as the red hot flames washed over him, dealing quite a bit of damage!

In retaliation, Sparky began to gather bug like energy in his mouth. Once he was satisfied with the amount, the Galvantula released it in the form of a rainbow beam. The beam crashed into Hydreigon, causing it to also let out a cry, before flying back a bit.

Seizing the opportunity to let off another attack, Sparky began to gather poisonous energy into his pedipalps. The Galvantula then lunged at the brutal Pokemon! With great speed, Sparky struck his opponent with a direct hit!
The poison coating his pedipalps also seemed to have been absorbed into Hydreigon's skin, poisoning the brutal Pokemon.

Angered by Sparky's assault, Hydreigon cloaked it's entire body in draconic energy! It then rushed towards Sparky, slamming into the Galvantula with all of it's might!

"H-hang in there Sparky! Go with Pin Missile, then use Bug Bite!" Jake ordered.

"Hydregion use Stone Edge, then Flamethrower!" Chris shouted.

This time, Sparky was the first to act! The Galvantula began to amass bug energy, before firing a wave of missiles at his opponent! The super effective attack caused the brutal Pokemon to cry out, before quickly returning to it's senses

In retaliation, Hydregion summoned a series of sharp, pointed rocks, which hovered around the imposing dragon. The stones then flew towards Sparky, each one stabbing into his body! The Galvantula couldn't help but shriek as the powerful attack sent his health levels plummeting!

But Sparky wasn't out just yet! Recovering from the previous attack, he leaped towards his opponent, ready to sink his fangs into the brutal Pokemon.
But Hydregion had already prepared for it's next attack, and fired a stream of flames at Sparky, sending the elespider Pokemon flying back onto the ground!
Despite being hit directly by such a powerful attack, Sparky rose to face his opponent once more! Though as he did this, Jake could tell that the Galvantula was hurting badly. Even one more attack from Hydregion would probably prove to be too much.

"Let's finish this Hydregion! Use Hyper Voice!" Chris barked.

"Sparky dodge it and use Bug Bite!" Jake called out to the Galvantula.

Eager to finish the battle, Hydregion flew towards Sparky, before letting out a loud shriek! The irritating sound soon shaped into a series of blue sound waves, each swiftly moving towards Sparky!
Unable to react in time, the Galvantula was forced to take the powerful attack head on. This proved to be too much for Sparky, who let out a final cry before falling to the ground in defeat!

"Sparky return!" Jake exclaimed as he returned the Galvantula to it's Cherish Ball. "Y-you did..great. up well." Jake murmured as he stuffed the ball back in his bag.
Chris's Hydregion was no joke. Even with a type disadvantage, the brutal Pokemon was easily able to overpower Sparky. Still, after taking multiple super effective attacks from Sparky, the Hydregion did seem rather tired. One or two hits from one of his strongest Pokemon would surely be enough.
With this in mind, Jake grabbed a Thunder Ball and tossed it into the air.

From the ball emerged an intimidating looking Electivire. Taller then most Electivire, Crix towered over both Jake and Chris alike.
Though he said nothing, the thunderbolt gave a small nod, signaling that he was ready to battle.

"Crix, l-let's finish them off with Ice Punch and Cross Chop!" Jake ordered.

"Hydregion use Dragon Pulse, then Dragon Rush!" Chris shouted.

With no time to lose, Hydregion flew towards his new opponent. From one of it's mouths came a large beam of dragon energy, which made it's way to Crix, before slamming into the Electivire!

Barely flinching from the Hydregion's attack, Crix charged towards the brutal Pokemon, smashing Hydregion with a ice covered fist!

Hydregion cried out as Crix's powerful attack nearly caused it to fall then and there, but managed to pull itself together.
In an act of desperation, Hydregion began to surround itself in a veil of draconic energy, before flying towards Crix!
Prepared for the oncoming attack, Crix crossed both his arms, before swinging them at his opponent!
The two Pokemon clashed against each other, both putting their full force behind each attack. In the end, Crix proved to be stronger, sending the brutal
flying to the ground in defeat!

"Hydregion return!" Chris called out as he returned the brutal Pokemon to it's ball.
Grabbing a second Pokeball from his belt, Chris chucked it in front of him. From the ball materialized a Breloom, who threw a few practice punches in the air, eager to begin the match.

"Breloom use Seed Bomb, then Sky Uppercut!" Chris barked.
"Crix let's go with...Ice Punch, then Dual Chop!" Jake called out to the Electivire.

Eager to begin, Breloom sent a glowing orb of grass energy flying towards Crix. On impact, the orb exploded, causing Crix to stumble backwards.
In retaliation, Crix coated his right fist in ice, before swinging his limb right into the mushroom Pokemon's body!
In doing so Crix left himself wide open for a counter attack. Taking advantage of this, Breloom leaped into the air, striking it's opponent with a powerful uppercut!
Crix wasn't quite finished though, and began to coat both his arms in draconic energy! The thunderbolt Pokemon then swung both his arms at Breloom, delivering two powerful chops!

"L-Let's keep this up Crix. Go with Crossfire, then f-follow it with Fire Punch!" Jake ordered.

"Breloom us Counter, then Counter again!" Chris shouted.

Ready to begin, Crix crossed both his arms, before surrounding them in a veil of flames! The Electivire then charged towards Breloom, striking the mushroom Pokemon with both of it's flaming appendages! In retaliation, Breloom slammed into Crix with a counter attack, dealing double the damage to the Electivire!

Crix then coated a single fist in flames, before swinging it into Breloom's body! Once again Breloom let off another counter attack, sending Crix reeling back.
After this round, Jake could tell Crix was hurting. They needed to come up with a new strategy, and fast. If Breloom was going to counter every physical attack Crix threw at it..then Crix would have to stick with special moves!

"Breloom, Sleep Powder and Swords Dance, let's go!" Chris barked.

"Keep it at bay with Psychic, t-then Rock Smash!" Jake ordered.

Starting things off yet again, Crix let loose a wave of psychic energy, which quickly made it's way towards Breloom. But Breloom was too fast for the attack, and simply leaped over the attack!
The mushroom Pokemon then sent a cloud spores Crix's way! The Electivire tried his best not to breath in the spores, but it seemed it was already to late for the thunderbolt Pokemon! Crix swayed from side to side, before collapsing to the ground!

Taking advantage of his opponents timely nap, Breloom began to perform a special dance, heightening it's attack power!

"Crix wake up!" Jake called to the sleeping Electivire. "W-wake up and use Psychic!"

"Let's finished this Breloom. Focus Punch!" Chris shouted.

With Crix still sleeping, Breloom charged towards the Electivire, before stopping right in front of him. The mushroom Pokemon then began to gather an extreme amount of energy into it's fist!
Once satisfied, Breloom swung at Crix, dealing a great deal of damage! The power of the attack was enough to wake Crix from his slumber, but it seemed to be for naught. Crix could barely rise to his feet, before toppling over!

"Crix return!" Jake called out as he returned the Electivire to it's Thunder Ball.
"Lenna l-let's go!" Jake exclaimed as he tossed a Pokeball into the air. From the ball emerged a Shinx, who glared at her opponent with a look of determination!

Though Lenna wasn't the scariest Pokemon, Breloom couldn't help but feel slightly intimidated by the look the Shinx was giving it.

"Lenna go with Leer, t-then Fire Fang!" Jake ordered.

"Breloom, Mach Punch and then Counter!" Chris barked.

Starting things off, Breloom ran towards Lenna, throwing a quick punch at the Shinx before she could even react!
In return, Lenna shot the mushroom Pokemon fierce look, causing his defense to lower! But Lenna wasn't done yet! Coating her fangs in fire, the Shinx lunged at Breloom, sinking her teeth into the mushroom Pokemon's flesh!
In retaliation, Breloom landed a powerful counter attack, sending Lenna flying backwards!

When the round was over, it was clear as day that Breloom was struggling to stay on it's feet. It seemed Crix's attacks had done more then the Breloom had originally let on!

"Breloom stay in this! Use Bullet Seed, then Force Palm!" Chris barked.

"Let's end this Lenna. Go with Double Kick...then Fire Fang." Jake ordered.

Breloom was once again the first to act! The mushroom Pokemon began to gather grass energy within it's mouth, before shooting out a storm of seeds at Lenna! Unable to react in time, Lenna was pelleted with attack after attack, suffering a great deal of damage for it!

In retaliation, Lenna charged towards Breloom, before delivering two powerful kicks using her hind legs! This stunt left the Shinx wide open to attacks, and Breloom intended to take full advantage of this. Looking for the Shinx's weak point, Breloom drove his palm right into it, causing Lenna to cry out, as well as stumble backwards.

Eager to end the match as soon as possible, Lenna once again coated her fangs in flames, before biting down on Breloom! This proved to be too much for the mushroom Pokemon, who let out one last cry, before toppling over.

"Yay, I did it!" Lenna cheered as Chris returned his Pokemon to it's ball.
"Yeah...y-you were pretty great out there." Jake replied.
In response to her trainer's comment, Lenna turned around, giving her trainer a bright smile. Something felt odd to her was if she was overflowing with energy. Suddenly a bright light began to surround the Shinx, causing her trainer to let out a small gasp.
"Lenna..y-you're evolving." Jake murmured as he watched Lenna transform.
She began to grow taller, and her legs began to grow stronger. Black fur started to cover some of her head in what appeared to be a star shaped pattern. When the light faded from Lenna, she was no longer a Shinx, but a !

With her new found strength, Lenna turned to face Chris, waiting to see what the man would send out next.

"I must admit, I am impressed. You and your Pokemon are certainly quite powerful. It's a shame that you insist on stopping us." Chris said as he pulled out a third Pokeball. He was about to toss it, when a Catalyst grunt approached him.
That was odd, Jake didn't remember anyone else being in the room, except Chris and him. Had he been to distracted by the battle to notice?

"Sir, we've managed to secure the ball." The grunt said, handing what appeared to be a special kind of Pokeball to Chris.

"Perfect." Chris said, before turning his attention to Jake.

"Sorry, but it seems our battle is over now. But I'm assuming you're going to try chasing us down, so I'm afraid I'm going to have to do...this!" Chris exclaimed as he tossed a Pokeball in front of him.
From the ball emerged a Glaceon, which quickly turned to their trainer for orders.

"Glaceon, freeze these two with your Blizzard attack!" Chris shouted.

Letting out a cry, Glaceon summoned a storm of snow and ice, which quickly made it's way towards Lenna and her trainer.

The next thing Jake knew, his vision turned white, before.....
"Master. Master please wake up." Telpo chimed, startling Jake from his slumber.

"Huh?'s you Telpo." Jake murmured upon spotting the Abra. "Where am I..w-what happened? Where's Team Catalyst?!"

"They're gone master. After they grabbed what they were looking for, they ran off." Telpo explained. "But I'm glad you're ok. Lenna approached me after they left, saying that you'd turned into an ice cube."

"It was nothing, Vermillion is the one you really have to thank." The Luxio said, pointing to the Torkoal using her head.

"Yeah. After Lenna confronted me, I managed to grab Vermillion from a nearby PC, so he melted you out of the ice." Telpo explained. "Sorry about the wet clothes though."

"I-It's ok. Thank you..Telpo, Lenna, Vermillion." Jake said as he rose to his feet.

"No problem! I do get an extra big dinner though, right?" Vermillion questioned. "I did help thaw you out after all."

"Yes yes..I-I'll make sure of it Vermillion." Jake replied.
"S-so..where is everyone? Is she ok?"

"She's fine master. Tyler, Sophie and Turtwig's group ran ahead to the harbour. Apparently Zack is supposed to meet us there." Telpo explained.

"Huh? Zack's here? W-what for?" Jake questioned.

"Oh! Maybe he's going to send us all on an adventure!" Lenna exclaimed. "That's be fun!"

"The chances of that are very low. Most likely he wants us to report on what happened." Telpo replied. "So let's not keep him waiting, yeah? Follow me." The Abra said, before floating up the stairs, the others following shortly after.
Sure enough, as the group made their way towards the harbor, Jake spotted Sophie, Tyler, Zack and Duosion, as well as Turtwig and his team.

"Jake, I'm glad you could make it." Zack said upon noticing the trainer's arrival.
"Well I would be glad, but now's not really the time for cheer, considering the circumstances of our meeting."

"Yeah.." Jake murmured, before turning to Sophie. "So, how'd you get out? I-If you don't mind me asking."

"Tyler saved me." Sophie replied.

"Yeah. After dealing with those two grunts, I managed to stumble upon where they were keeping the prisoners." Tyler explained. "Surprisingly they weren't being guarded, I guess maybe those two I fought were the guards."

"T-that's good to hear." Jake nodded. "But umm..what do we do now?"

"Well, now that Team Catalyst has all they need to capture Project X, I'm afraid we have little choice but to storm their base." Zack said.

"Wait what, are you insane?!" Tyler exclaimed. "I said I'd help you guys out, but there's no way we can storm their headquarters!"

"Zack's right. As much as I want those scum to suffer for what they've done, there's no way we're strong enough to take them on." Sophie added.

"Besides, we don't know where their base even is." Telpo chimed.

"If we all band together, I'm sure we'll beat them. Besides, we have no choice but to. If they manage to capture Project X, it's all over." Zack said. "Besides, we do know where their base is, or at least..I do."

"W-what? You do?" Jake questioned. "How? A-another one of your sources?"

"I suppose it's time you learn the truth. We've come this far, I suppose it's the least I can do." Zack said, letting out an audible sigh.

"You don't have to do this Zack! You don't owe any of them anything!" Duosion exclaimed.

"Do I not? They've stuck with me this far, I do owe them an explanation." Zack replied, before turning to the rest of the group.
"I'll start from the beginning, it's easier that way, since Tyler hasn't heard this." Zack began.
As Zack dove into Team Catalyst's origin's, Jake couldn't help but nod his head. Zack had only told him about this yesterday, back in the CPA headquarters, so it was still fresh in Jake's mind.

"So now everyone's caught up to speed so far." Zack finished. "But what I haven't told you, is what happened after. Upon forming Team Catalyst, the leader began his search for a research facility.
In order for Catalyst to be able to recapture Project X, they needed to develop new and powerful technology. Eventually he stumbled across Hagane Labs, a research facility owned by Adam Hagane's two grandsons." Zack explained.

"Wait, I-I thought Steven..was the only owner of that place." Jake said.

"I'm getting there." Zack replied. "The man convinced the owners of Hagane Labs to let him borrow their facility, in order to make a better world. That being the goal of Hagane Labs, both brothers agreed to the man's proposal.
Now being apart of Team Catalyst, both brothers began to be assigned various tasks, in order to help Team Catalyst succeed. At one point, Team Catalyst's boss ordered the eldest brother to track down the child of an old friend. Apparently he had murdered the man's friend in a downtown bar, and he was tasked with tracking him down." Zack continued.

At this point of the story, Jake began to shift around uncomfortably. It was obvious that Zack was referring to him, as the child who had murdered their father. Still he said nothing, allowing Zack to continue.

"Eventually the eldest brother tracked the child down..and in the end, Team Catalyst managed to capture some of the child's Pokemon, all thanks to him.
Up until that point, the oldest brother felt like he was doing the right thing..but after seeing what Catalyst was doing to the Pokemon they had captured..he changed his mind. He defected from Catalyst..and with the help of some Pokemon, the man managed to free the Pokemon he had helped take.
Ashamed at his earlier actions, he delivered the Pokemon to their trainer's house, though he altered his memory, so that the trainer would never know who had truly delivered the Pokemon." Zack continued.

"Still feeling guilty for his actions, the man..with the help of some Pokemon...he created the CPA, hoping to atone for his earlier actions."

" then.y-you're the eldest brother?" Jake questioned.

"That's right. My true name is Zack Hagane, not Zack Esprit." Zack replied.

A stunning silence followed, no one daring to speak a word.

"Look..I understand if you hate me..I realize that what I've done was truly terrible. But..if we don't stop Team Catalyst, the whole world is in danger. Please..I need your help." Zack said.

"I-I'll go." Jake stammered. "What you was terrible, b-but you're doing the right thing now. Besides, I-I have you to thank for..returning my Pokemon." Jake added.

"Count me in too!" Tyler exclaimed. "Sure you messed up, but hasn't everyone? There's no need to be dwindle on the past, especially since we have a world to save!"

"I don't know how to feel about you having been with Catalyst...but I'll go too." Sophie added. "Those scum need to be taught a lesson, and I'm not just going to stand by as you guys take care of everything."

"We'll go too, but I think that's obvious at this point." Turtwig nodded. "After all..we've know about this for a while..nothing's going to change now." In response to Turtwig's words, Drilbur, Boldore, and Ariados gave a firm nod.

"I appreciate the honesty...and..I'll help too, if that wasn't obvious." Telpo chimed.

"T-thank you everyone. It means a lot to me." Zack replied.

"Yay! We're going on a real adventure! This is going to be awesome!" Lenna exclaimed.

"Now's not the time for games Lenna." Jake replied. "Here, h-how about you and Vermillion get a nice rest." Jake added, returning the Luxio and Torkoal to their Pokeballs.

"Jake..would you mind if i requested you bring all of your Pokemon?" Zack questioned. "It's going to be a tough battle ahead..and we're going to need all the power we can muster."

"Umm....o-ok. Sure." Jake nodded.

"No worries, master, I'll grab them." Telpo chimed. "Just give me your bag, I'll handle the rest."

"Alright. Thanks Telpo." Jake smiled, handing his bag off to the Abra.

"So, where are we headed anyway?" Tyler questioned.

"Kairyu island. It's said that long ago a mighty Dragonite slumbered there. Now it's home to a massive tower, where Team Catalyst resides." Zack explained.
"We're going to be taking this boat here, so when you're ready, hop on." Zack added, pointing to a small boat off to the left of the dock.

As Turtwig and the others began to scramble onto the boat, Jake followed. Before he could get on board however, Sophie stopped him.

"Sorry, it's just I have something to give you." Sophie explained as she placed something in Jake's hand.
It was an amulet, a blue stone in the shape of a tear drop. In the center was a small hole, as if a stone was meant to fit inside.

"Oh umm..t-thanks." Jake murmured. "But umm, if you don't mind me asking..w-why?"

"Well..I thought..since we're going to Catalyst's base..I'd give you something to remember me by." Sophie explained. "It's going to be dangerous..and...well in case I die..I wanted you to have it."

"What? Nonsense." Jake said, shaking his head. "No one is going to die. We've got this."

"This isn't another of our silly adventures though. We're storming a criminal team's headquarters, anything can happen." Sophie replied firmly.

"I-I guess you're right..thank you." Jake replied, stuffing the amulet in his pocket, before climbing on board the ship.

*Jake obtained Sophie's Amulet!*

Soon after Telpo returned, Jake's bag floating behind him.
"Here you are master. Everyone is accounted for, all forty four of us." Telpo chimed as he placed the bag back on Jake's back with his telekinesis.

"Thank you Telpo." Jake replied.

"Alright, is everyone ready?" Zack questioned.
With everyone's approval, Zack started the boat, taking them away from the docks and onto the open waters.

Jake watched as the city of Amperet became smaller and smaller. Though he had originally came to the city to compete in the Electric Masters he had an entirely different goal in mind. As the group drew closer to their destination, Jake knew there was no going back.
If they didn't stop Team Catalyst now, the whole world was in peril. With this in mind, Jake looked on towards the ocean, wondering just what trouble the future would bring...

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