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"Ooooh! They're cheese sandwiches that have been grilled!" Well, they were technically lightly fried, but even Ami had to admit that 'fried cheese' or 'sauteed sandwiches' didn't quite have the same ring to them. She took a bit out of a warm half and chewed slowly, contemplating its flavor. Despite the apparent simplicity of the dish, it had a savory taste it, a pleasing texture, and... a hint of nostalgia? Although the girl herself maight not have remembered what grilled cheese was, her taste bud sure did, and she found herself digging in at a far faster pace than she had expected. "Mmmh! 'Dese'r gud!" ...Trainers that spent most of their time traveling weren't exactly known for their manners.

'Oh, thank you!' Nadie exclaimed with a grateful smile as he started to flap his wings as instructed. 'It might've taken me a while on my own!' Sure, his wings couldn't quite find purchase yet, but that was because Freighya was supporting him. He'd easily be able to get himself to stay in the air when she let go, but this was nice in and of itself...

Bell let out an annoyed groan that sounded very peculiar through his bubble. 'I just gave myself away. Oh, well, guess someone was bound to find out eventually.'

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