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Originally Posted by Maskerade View Post

There is certainly great value in adaptability. Whereas Seiza might consider the ordeal indifferent whichever route is chosen, it most certainly isn’t the case for Aiolia, whose only option is to traverse Bubbling Beach on foot, leaving Baian no option but to abandon his preferred environ to hop along on the sand, rather than keep swimming. And so it is, as the group proceeds along the shore in search of whatever loot there is to be found – if their Trainer had any particular target in mind, she would not divulge, instead entrusting a rucksack to Aiolia and sending the trio on their merry way. Perhaps that was her purpose all along, treasuring the strengthening of bonds between her Pokémon more so than material rewards.

Despite the definitely pleasant locale, warm and thoroughly bathed in sunlight, with clear water at a step’s distance for refreshment, there are a surprisingly small number of teams scavenging for treasure as they go along. Taking note of the oddity, Seiza is the first to mentally communicate this fact to the rest of the group, who are forced to agree – this is definitely unusual, to say the least. What reason could there be for the beach’s apparent isolation?

“Halt, intrepid travellers!”

And so, the reason presents itself. Obstructing the way further along the beach is a massive, bright red Kingler, waving its colossal claw about. Its expression is one of great amusement as it stares down the party in front of it.

“What a puny bunch! You call yourselves Treasure Hunters, ey? Look at you! All smaller than my pincer! In fact, I doubt any one of you could withstand a tap, let alone a swing of it!”

There is little subtlety in its words: this is a challenge through and through. How will the party respond to it?
The members of the trio exchanged wary glances. Seiza was the first to speak--er, communicate--with the imposing crab that stood before them. "Sir, we come to this island as other parties before you do: peacefully. Please grant us passage so that we may carry on in search of goods."

Baian grumbled, tipping himself downward in exasperation. "Seiza..." The Psychic type's diplomatic approach simply wouldn't do. Here was a hostile, an obstacle, and perhaps an imminent threat rolled into a scarlet-shelled lug. Could a smack from his claw do them harm? Very possibly, depending on the strength behind the strike. While he could nuke him with a smokescreen and turn tail, doing so would create unnecessary commotion. Why'd this guy have to pick on us?

"If you don't," Baian snapped to attention as he heard Aiolia pipe up, unfazed. "Then we'll see your challenge." Predictable? Yes, but it was still a shock for Baian to hear him say it. That cub never thinks things through! The Skrelp wasn't one to over-analyze, and yet here he was caught up in his thoughts. His companion wasted no time getting to the heart of the matter, and he'd cede that a direct approach was the best course of action. Seiza on the other hand emitted a thrum of discomfort and wavered closer to Aiolia's ear. "Aiolia, please."

Baian propped himself a bit to open his loosen his posture to match Aiolia's unyielding stance. "No Seiza, Aiolia's right: if it's a fight you want, it's a fight you'll get." He wasn't afraid of this guy. There were three of them and one of him. They could take him... right?
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