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Originally Posted by Meetan View Post
Another ten days and another visit. The staff of the adoption centre were probably getting used to seeing the young woman's face. She was always friendly to them on the way in, asking them how they were and letting them know her adoptees were getting on just fine and about anything particularly notable or charming that had happened since the last time they had seen them.

It was sunny outside, and she was dressed for it, the flat material of lattice leather sandals catching the hard floor as she passed the small enclosures. Coming in always made Alice wish that she could adopt every single creature that sadly caught her eye, but as always this decision had come with plenty of thought. Someone had already taken the Emolga she had considered, which made her life easier, but having her options narrowed down to two made this feel crueler than usual-- as illogical as it seemed.

Coming to a halt, the trainer was ready with a Poke Ball in hand. She'd already paid her $30 on the way in. Blue eyes set on a cold bear, one that looked naturally sad with an eternally dripping nose, fur a mixture of snow white and a blue of a different hue. "Hey there, little lady. I'm Alice." She greeted kindly, coming off as sweet and maternal as ever, "You might have seen me in here before picking up some of your friends. This time I thought you could come home with me, if that's what you'd like to do? I have another ice type at home, and I love bear cuddles if that's what you need." She added hopefully. On a warm day like this, snuggles from a Cubchoo would be perfect.

You pay your fee on the way in; a bewildered staffer looks at the money in her hand before clipping it to a blank adoption form, unsure of what else to do, leaving it at the front desk for such time as when you check out.

Though you’re torn on which poor soul you’re here to rescue today, you find yourself stopped in front of a large crate, where a small bear sits, dripping snot, in a non-threatening manner. You’re endeared, and your tormented mind is made up: this is whom you’ve come for. A male staffer helps you open the crate, and he walks you to the front desk to begin the paperwork, where your adoption fee is already waiting. Used to the brief questionnaire by now, you fly through the form with ease. Sitting on the countertop, the saffers hands around her waist to keep her from squirming away, the Cubchoo watches you, occasionally swatting at the pen in your hand, finding the moving objecting enticing. Then, she stops. Inhales.


Snot goes everywhere. All over you. All over the form. All over the staffer’s hands. He grimaces, but -- a champ at his job -- he then ducks behind the counter, and pulls out a couple of clean towels, and begins scraping the bear’s bodily fluids off of the various surfaces. He even offers you one, to clean yourself off with.

Released from his grasp, meanwhile, the Cubchoo promptly swipes the pen off of the counter, and then holds her arms out to you, apparently seeing about that cuddle you had mentioned earlier?

Adoption of Lv. 01 (F) Cubchoo confirmed.

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