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Kawaii kicked herself mentally "You will see what grilled cheese is. Come on!" she grabbed the visitor's hand and lead her into the kitchen and sat her down at the table. Little miss brought over plates of grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato berry soup.
Frieghya had an idea Here I will lift you up you can start flapping she lifted up the Woobat with her psychic powers. As she did so she felt her heart skip a beat. Something had called her to this pokemon and she knew that he was different from the woobat her trainer owned.
Rumple teaser giggled again n-no i-i j-just h-had a-a f-feeling

Kawaii remembered something "oh! actually I did adopt a Shuppet recently." she smiled.
Suddenly as if she knew she was being discussed a Shuppet appeared from the wall and gave a friendly smile to Keith.
Frieghya nodded That's me!
Rumpleteaser nodded S-sure."

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