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deoxys: ((Pokémon declared 1/6: Phanpy))

New Fizz City is, befitting an expanding metropolis, richly supplied by all manner of transportation networks. Millions of people commute in and out every day, swimming in a sea of routine and obligations. But you’re different: you are a Pokémon Trainer on a journey of rediscovery - and perhaps atonement? – and that means the easy way isn’t an option. The world is waiting to be explored, and as such, you decide to tackle the rest of the way on foot, accompanied by your unusually-colored Phanpy.

The Railyard is famous to any Fizz citizen, the largest and most complex maze of iron tracks anywhere in the region. And while it’s not the most beautiful or unique of vistas, the sheer amount of activity – especially during rush hour – makes it so there is rarely ever a moment of quiet contemplation to be had. And yet, on the final hours of the afternoon, this seems to be one of those rare occasions.

As you walk along one of the railroads, Izuku following close by brimming with excitement, you can’t help but notice how few trains are actually passing by. You’d have expected a lot more commotion at this point. Every now and again you look around, eyes on the rails, trying to spot a Pokémon or two – Steel-Types are said to favoured this area in particular – but there doesn’t seem to be anone, or anything, for miles around except for the neverending steel tracks. Well, not exactly…

Izuku suddenly points to one of the rails in the distance with his trunk, and your eyes follow. Indeed, there seems to be something directly on top of the track, unmoving. It takes you a while longer, and some more proximity, to actually realize what it’s about: that’s not an object, but rather an old man – bald with a respectable white beard - sitting on the rails with his legs crossed, perfectly static. What on earth is he doing there?!

It might be best not to meddle in the affairs of others (after all, it’s unlikely he wound up there by mistake, and he must have his reasons), but there’s no denying it’s a strange sight to say the least. Will you leave the elder behind and continue exploring the railways, or should you approach him?...
Hiero looked befuddled. Was that... was that an old man sitting on the rails?

"Izuku... does that seem sort of... unusual to you?" Hiero questioned. The Phanpy tilted his head at the scene that was playing out, and then looked at Hiero with a confused expression. "Yeah, I thought so. I mean... maybe it's none of my business but... sigh." Hiero walked up to the track where the old man was sitting and decided to speak to him.

"Uh... Hello - I happened to be passing by and I couldn't help but notice you sitting on the tracks here... do you uh, do you wanna talk about it? Maybe somewhere safer than right there?"

Phanpy walked forward and stood in front of Hiero cautiously. Izuku wanted to make sure his trainer was safe, having not yet determined if the old man was friend or foe. It isn't every day you see someone sitting on railroad tracks, and if Hiero had to guess, this man probably had a grudge or something that he needed to solve. Normally, he wouldn't entangle himself in other's personal business, but in this case, he was putting himself, and others, in potential danger. Hiero figured the best plan of action, for now, would be to try to level with the old man - see what he wanted, if he was alright, and just generally hear him out.

"If you don't want to talk about it either, I understand. I'm not going to try to force you to move, but I do think it would be for the best if you did - at least for the time being. If this is something you feel you need to do, then, well..." Hiero trailed off. He wasn't really sure how to approach this. It could be a delicate topic, and opening up a conversation with a stranger, especially one who was doing something generally considered illogical, was a somewhat risky thing to do. He needed to tread lightly and get a feel for what the old man was about. Who knows - the guy might not even respond to him.
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