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To say that the trio form a team is lofty praise, perhaps undeserved at this point. Perhaps when the journey comes to its conclusion Mio, Momo and Kei can be called a unit, but right now, they are three parts of a dysfunctional mechanism, their clashing personalities making for a difficult trek down the gorge’s makeshift path. Mio, the most eager of the three, is clearly more at ease in the tricky terrain with her prodigious reflexes; Kei’s movement is hesitant, careful, apprehensive; Momo is pretty much just dragging himelf along at a snail’s pace.

The road itself is perilous, carved into the rock by the roaring winds; it makes for a tortuous, uneven path, where one false step can lead to a seemingly never-ending fall; to make matters worse, the gales that give this location its name are indeed powerful, and any unexpected increase in their force can push one off the ledge; neither Pokémon making their way down is particularly heavy, and as such, any of them could fall victim to the deadly winds.

By all means, the afternoon sun overhead should be scorching. And it is indeed, but only intermittently, because from time to time the trio is shielded by moving shadows up above, so arbitrarily and repeatedly that Mio looks up, finding it odd. And fortunately she does!

A flock of large birds circle the group from up above, before diving down one at a time to meet the trio. Fearsome-looking predators, Kei is the first to identify them – a quintet of Mandibuzz, wielding the bones of their fallen foes and devoured prey, stare at the Pikachu, Eevee and Charmander with ominous intent; at last, one of them speaks up, an ear-splitting cry that does little to conceal the group’s intentions.

“Intruders! What business do you have in the Ancient’s territory?!”

The five break out in screeches, war cries intended to scare Patches’ Pokémon away, under threat of a fate worse than death if they neither comply nor answer quickly…



Cain, as a name chosen by Sweeney, is perhaps a flawed mirror of Gligar’s true personality – the farthest thing from a fratricidal creature, he comes across mostly as playful and maybe a little childish. His friend Julia, small for now but harnessing monstrous destructive potential in her young cells, happily plays along with the winged scorpion in an environment that perfectly suits both of them – unlike their other, ironically more down-to-earth companion, the Solosis named Sophie whose liquid constitution was most definitely not made for this kind of weather.

As the trio progresses, Cain and Julia considerably farther ahead in their race without a finish line, the sun shines mercilessly on the sand, creating a burning golden sea that most Pokémon would be unable to tolerate. The beach was now far behind them, and the mountain ahead was days away on foot – a testament to the desert’s length and the reason so few lifeforms could be seen roaming it. Continued exposure to this kind of environment will surely pose a threat to any ill-adapted creature, a concern that doesn’t affect either Cain or Julia, but that Sophie cannot simply ignore. If only for that, the sooner the trio finds worthwhile loot, the better.

Suddenly, the ground begins to rumble. Not an uncommon occurrence in the aptly named Dancing Desert, but this tremor feels somehow different. More prolonged, and in clear crescendo… In a split second, the sand beneath Cain and Julia’s feet starts to swirl, faster and faster, quickly evolving into a full-blown whirlpool that sucks both Pokémon into the center – not even Cain could pick up wind fast enough to take flight and escape the predicament, and as a result, both the Gligar and Larvitar become buried neck-deep once the phenomenon subsides. Sophie, meanwhile, is unaffected as a Levitator, but she too is powerless to stop the raging sands with her underdeveloped Psychic powers.

“How rude!”

A strange, high-pitched voice is suddenly heard. Then, something emerges from the depths of the desert, digging its way out and revealing itself right next to the half-buried Cain and Julia: a frowning male Hippopotas!

“No respect whatsoever! Do you have any idea how long it took me to even out the terrain? It was perfectly horizontal, at last! A glorious, flawlessly-levelled golden field! One month! I finished yesterday, not a grain of sand out of place, finished well before the next storm messes everything up again – but that’s not due for another week! Seven days of perfection, that was my reward – but you two destroyed all of my work!”

The Hippopotas goes on a tangent as long as its breath allows, visibly angry at the disturbance caused by the playful duo. This one is clearly obsessed – but this region, the “Dancing Desert”, might just be the worst place in the world to nurture such a quirk. Ever-changing, sandstorms kicking up every now and then, it seems like a virtually impossible task to keep the golden mantle unblemished for any amount of time.

“Why are you even here, tainting my beautiful canvas with your uneven, asymmetrical footsteps? The beach is the other way around! There is nothing out here for you, just sand and heat and a whole lot of nothing else! So, here’s the question: are you ready to make it up to me?”



The sprawling rainforest is a perfect biome for Grass-Types such as Seedot and Whimsicott, but a Litwick is definitely out of place – not only is the air’s humidity a bother, its flame could very well set off unwanted fires or scare away the local fauna. With that in mind, Cerno remains ever watchful, keeping the two smaller Pokémon in check, aware that while it has already achieved its final form, both Spiritus and Tengu are yet to do so, and are understandably eager to grow; after all, there is much more to the miracle of evolution than a mere increase in strength.

The trio keeps moving along the makeshift path, through bushed and tall grass and thick foliage, taking in the plethora of scents that fill the forest’s air. Everything seems perfectly peaceful, until rustling is heard overhead, causing the group to stop and look up in alarm. Too fast to react, the group is pelted by a shower of hard-shell berries, with enough strength to be felt but not leave any lasting wounds. Four animals leap down from the trees above, revealing themselves as the assailants: a team of perfectly-coordinated Passimian, who keep their eyes locked on the Seedot, Litwick and Whimsicott without blinking. After what feels like the longest stad-off in history, the largest ape steps forward and speak up, keeping things short and simple.

“Come, trespassers. The lords are expecting you.”

The four soldiers remain motionless, surrounding the party, stoically waiting for an answer. But what will that answer be?



There is certainly great value in adaptability. Whereas Seiza might consider the ordeal indifferent whichever route is chosen, it most certainly isn’t the case for Aiolia, whose only option is to traverse Bubbling Beach on foot, leaving Baian no option but to abandon his preferred environ to hop along on the sand, rather than keep swimming. And so it is, as the group proceeds along the shore in search of whatever loot there is to be found – if their Trainer had any particular target in mind, she would not divulge, instead entrusting a rucksack to Aiolia and sending the trio on their merry way. Perhaps that was her purpose all along, treasuring the strengthening of bonds between her Pokémon more so than material rewards.

Despite the definitely pleasant locale, warm and thoroughly bathed in sunlight, with clear water at a step’s distance for refreshment, there are a surprisingly small number of teams scavenging for treasure as they go along. Taking note of the oddity, Seiza is the first to mentally communicate this fact to the rest of the group, who are forced to agree – this is definitely unusual, to say the least. What reason could there be for the beach’s apparent isolation?

“Halt, intrepid travellers!”

And so, the reason presents itself. Obstructing the way further along the beach is a massive, bright red Kingler, waving its colossal claw about. Its expression is one of great amusement as it stares down the party in front of it.

“What a puny bunch! You call yourselves Treasure Hunters, ey? Look at you! All smaller than my pincer! In fact, I doubt any one of you could withstand a tap, let alone a swing of it!”

There is little subtlety in its words: this is a challenge through and through. How will the party respond to it?
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