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“HYA!” The normally quiet Pokemon let out a remarkably loud cry in response to your compliment. It recognized the genuine praise, and looked as if proud to have done work to make its trainer happy. The interaction almost seemed normal, a trainer praising their Pokemon as they adventured together. Then, you remembered that you were at a very peaceful shrine, perhaps not the place to raise one’s voice.

As you kneeled, you noticed the paper seemed incredibly old. It was yellowing at the edges, and threatened to rip even as you carefully unrolled it. Surprisingly, the writing on the paper was not faded at all. In black ink and a clear, flowing script, it read:

“To find the answers you seek,
then a quest you must take.
Leave behind the mountain’s peak,
Look deep where the earth shakes.
You have found the first sign,
The next hint's the first step, too.
There is more to the Stone Shrine,
So search well for your next clue.”
You read through the contents carefully, looking for meaning in each word. The appearance of the note was mysterious, and the note even more so. Strangely, it seemed to be addressed to you and the questions you had asked yourself upon arriving. Could this hold the answers to the stone shrine you were looking for? Or was this some kind of tourist trap type game with a gift shop at the end? You took a cursory look around your surroundings, noticing that the dust had cleared. The shrine grounds were expansive, yet did not hold much besides the shrine itself. If you were to follow this note, where would one start?

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