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(OOC: Sorry my reply's late, my internet was out all day)

Ami sighed. "... may have a small amnesia problem. I say small because, really..." she touched the burn on her cheek to emphasize her point. "...I don't think I even want to know." She decided to quickly change the subject. "Anyway, your ledyba's been waiting on us. It would be rude of me to keep her hanging, right?"

'A swoobat?' Nadie had never met one, but he knew that the evolved form was sure to have greater potential than his current state. If one could pull off tricks like that... then there might be hope for him yet! 'Do you think I could come even close to that level? I do kind of have a bit of a slow start here...'

'H-huh?' Bell forced his front two arms into the Bubble (Causing a few droplets to splash out and the whole thing to wobble slightly) and felt his face. Sure enough, his cheeks were warmer than usual. 'Ooooh, I see! That mental note didn't mean much in the end, I guess.' He brought his arms back to their usual places on the Bubble, looking a little apologetic about getting everything wet again.

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