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Kratos lifted the man gently upward and back, and then bent some of the roots of a nearby tree to form a sort of flatbed with an incline, gently laying the man down on the bed-like fixture, giving him a place to rest. He had stopped coughing, and was breathing slowly, his hands at his sides. The Golduck even took initiative and used its Psychic to tear some leaves from the canopy above, forming them into a spherical cushion and sliding the resulting pillow of leaves underneath of the man's head. What the Golduck did not expect, however, was that doing this caused four Wacan berries and three Oran berries to fall from the tree above, dropping onto your heads and bouncing onto the forest floor.

After making sure the man was securely safe and sufficiently out of harm's way, you decided to retrace the trail of muddy footprints that the man had left behind to see if you could find any clues that might lead you to the man's belongings. It wasn't but maybe twenty minutes into the walk that it had started to downpour, causing the man's footprints to slowly begin to disappear as the heavy rain crashed into the ground. You continued forward a bit, the intense downfall making it difficult to see too far in front of you, when suddenly you lost your footing and tumbled down the side of a small, muddy hill, splashing into a swamp below. The rain and the lack of a trail now made it difficult to proceed, not to mention the situation you had found yourself in in the swamp, but you remembered two pieces of key information the man had given you: He was at the mangrove wall that divided the swamp and the sea, and the last thing he remembered was being thrown against large jagged rocks. Whether he was referring to ones that jutted out of the oceanside, or the area of rocky shore that lined part of the mangrove wall, you were unsure.

Suddenly, something brushed against your leg. And then it happened again. There was a splash in the distance, and two yellow fins protruded from the swamp - and then another pair, and another, and another. They all slowly started gliding through the water, moving directly toward you, the gap between you and them closing incredibly quickly.
Gary could only watch as Kratos lifted the injured man with his telekinetic powers. He had complete faith in his Golduck though, smiling as Kratos made a very makeshift support for the man. As Kratos used his psychic powers to rip some leaves from the canopy above, Gary noticed a small handful of berries tumble down to the ground afterward. There were four Wacan Berries and three Oran Berries. From his past knowledge, Wacan Berries were often used to insulate electricity, not very applicable to this situation. However, Oran Berries have been commonly used to boost the body’s regenerative capabilities, something he could actually use.

After looking around for a smooth rock, Gary carefully ground up two of the Oran Berries into a salve, which he then spread on the man’s wounds. He then slowly squeezed the final Oran Berry into the man’s mouth, hoping it would be enough to heal him. He pocketed the four Wacan Berries in hopes of finding a use for them another time. Taking one last look over the man to make sure he was secured and comfortable, Gary and Kratos set off down the path, following the muddy footprints.

Unfortunately for Gary and Kratos, after about twenty minutes walking the weather took a turn for the worse, the sudden downpour completely washing the man’s footprints away. Gary’s eyes strained to see the trail in front of him, focusing too hard on the trail ahead of them to notice his own footing. One bad step, and the trainer suddenly took a slip down a muddy slope as he yelped in shock.

Looking around at his surroundings, Gary saw that we was now in some kind of swamp as Kratos carefully slid down the hill to join his trainer. “Shit,” Gary cursed under his breath as he examined the swamp. He needed to get back to the rocky shore, he thought while trying to get his bearings back. Gary then snapped out of his thoughts as he felt something rough brush past his leg. It then happened again, followed by a series of jagged yellow dorsal fins poking out of the water.

“I recognize those fins,” Gary called out, making very slow movements to back up as they began to converge on their location. “Those are undoubtedly Carvanha. I’d like to study them more, but this is hardly the time for that. What I do know is that they’re attracted to frantic movement, like splashing. Let’s use that to our advantage, Kratos. Use a Mud Bomb off to the side to attract their attention with a big splash. If that doesn’t work, shoot out a Confuse Ray to disorient them.” As Kratos nodded, Gary looked around for something to grab onto to pull him out of the swamp.
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