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Patches was at a loss as she noticed the Stufful make a run for it. While Mio was still tied up battling the bully of a Pancham, she couldn’t possibly leave her Pikachu alone to fend for herself. She called out to Kei, who was also watching on helplessly, and asked for the Charmander to tail the cowardly teddy bear of a Pokemon. Kei nodded and darted off after the Stufful, ready to give it a big hug if it ever decided to stop running.

With that matter taken care of for now, Patches could turn her full attention to Mio’s battle with the unrelenting Pancham. Mio looked at her trainer expectantly, eagerly anticipating a battle with Patches’ full support. However, what Patches did next no one was expecting. Rummaging through her bag, she looked long and hard for something that would aid Mio in combat against the Pancham. Once she came upon her solution, she pulled her hand out tightly clenched into a fist. Patches then suddenly released her grip, tossing a handful of confetti in Pancham’s direction. Mio and Pancham both stood there with their jaws dropped, completely speechless.

Puzzled by the interjection, Mio and Pancham turned their focus back on each other. Determined to carry her partner’s share in the battle, Mio quickly came up with her own strategy. She began by Growling fiercely at the charging Pancham, deciding that the time to play nice was over. Pancham connected with an Arm Thrust, hitting Mio twice. Mio then followed the attack up with a Thunder Shock, jolting the Pancham a good amount before it hit her with another flurry of [b]Arm Thrusts[b] that hit her four times. Both Pokemon were quite out of breath now, and it looked as if another good attack or two might be able to cause the Pancham to drop.

Meanwhile, Kei was last seen darting after the tiny Stufful, who was headed for a small cluster of trees. As he approached the trees, Kei had lost sight of the Stufful, but he knew that the scared critter couldn’t have gone far. The wooded area wasn’t too large, and as he traversed through it, he could hear some rustling noises up ahead. Deciding to investigate it, he spotted what looked like a shoddily-constructed wrestling ring with a pair of Mankeys sparring inside of it. Off to the side he spotted a grumpy looking Timburr, but was giving an earful to none other than Stufful, who was shaking in its fur. Dare he step in here, where he is outnumbered, or report back to Patches and Mio?
Patches stood there watching as the two Pokemon continued to battle it out. ’I don’t understand it. Sparkling confetti always cheers me up, why is this Pancham so upset? I wish I had time to ask but I really need to catch up with Kei, he needs us.’ Now is the time, Patches is very carefree and childish in general but if she senses that one of her Pokemon truly needs her then she can actually be serious. And right now, she can’t help but be worried sick about Kei so she fixes her posture, pulls out an empty pokeball, and puts her game face on. ’I don’t want to leave this Pancham alone if he is this upset, if I can capture him then I can figure out what is wrong with him later.’ She takes a deep breath and finally, for once, has a moment where she actually acts like a trainer.

“Mio!!” She shouts her Pikachu’s name as loud as she can to make sure she grabs her attention. “We don’t have time to mess around here anymore! So I need you to quickly use a Tail Whip and immediately follow that up with a Thunder Shock!!” Mio’s face is now beaming, the fact that Patches has actually given her real battle commands is enough to make her ecstatic. ’After Mio’s attacks I’m going to throw this pokeball and hope for the best. If this capture fails, I can’t stay here anymore and will have no choice but to leave this little guy behind. But I’ll be happy to know I gave it my best shot!’ She prepares the empty pokeball in her one hand while reaching into her bag with the other. She throws a different pokeball into the air and it opens up releasing a pretty chill Swablu who lets out a yawn and floats there waiting for Patches to say something. Surprisingly, she is so serious right now she was able to reach into her bag blindly and pull out the correct Pokemon’s pokeball. “Alright Ciri! After this battle concludes I’m going to need you to fly up high and find Kei, then I need you to lead us to him!”

While Patches is dealing with the Pancham, Kei followed the Stufful into a very interesting little area. He observes it for a moment but doesn’t pause for too long. The only thing on his mind is that he was sent here on a mission by Patches, and that mission was to give that Stufful a loving hug. So that is what he shall do. Kei has made up his mind and casually began to walk up to the Stufful, ignoring the other Pokemon around, and goes to give it a nice big hug.

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