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morningstar: ((Pokémon declared 2/6: Mawile, Scraggy))

The Bullarum Industrial Complex is far from the prettiest sight in New Fizz City, though there’s no denying it’s one of the less crowded, especially compared to the bustling plazas at the heart of the bustling metropolis. Or so you’d like to think.

As you, Éclair and Monte make your way along the various warehouses and refinery buildings, trying your best to ignore the pungent scent of oil in the air, you suddenly hear a strangely familiar – and not too pleasant – sound coming from somewhere nearby: sirens.
You rush to meet the origin of the sound, only to discover that, in front of one of the larger storage compounds, four Police cars have just parked, their sirens still flashing white and blue. You keep watching from a distance; two officers make their way out of each vehicle, then open the back door to let out two Growlithe. All in all, eight policemen and eight hounds stand a few feet away from you, scanning the perimeter with their eyes and scent respectively, obviously looking for something – or someone. So much for getting away from the commotion…

Whoever it is that they’re after seems to have upstaged them, because the force is clearly at a loss for leads. The way they look around in apprehension, uncoordinated and hesitant, can only mean one of two things: either they haven’t been properly briefed, or whatever they’re looking for is dangerous enough to keep them on their toes even with eight Growlithe on their side.

All of a sudden, every dog starts barking in unison, making a ruckus out of nowhere. It takes a while for you to realize that, however, they seem to be barking in your direction!

“W-wait! Over there! After her!”
“Don’t let her get away!”
“Get a move on, you idiots!!”

In a matter of seconds, the entire squad is running in your direction, alerted by the hounds who easily picked up your scent. This is obviously a huge misunderstanding, but is there really time to explain?! Quick, what do you do – run the hell away or risk reasoning with the rushing police force and their hounds?!

Athena's Pokemon heard the sirens before she did. Their senses a more heightened than their trainer's. At first she thought nothing of it. After all, she had heard sirens echoing through the city throughout the day, it had become part of the background noise. These sirens were different, and when she realized how close they were, she worriedly headed in their direction, her Pokemon at her heels. She spotted the police cars by the storage container and slowed to a stop. She wanted to keep her distance, and not interfere with whatever they were doing. As Athena observed them, she noticed they looked frustrated. The trainer felt sympathy for them, she was sure it was a difficult job.

Eclair put a hand out to grab Athena's hand as one of the Growlithe noticed the trio standing there. Athena tensed up as the Pokemon began barking to alert their humans. An officer raised their hand to point in her direction. She looked around frantically, hoping they were pointing at something, or someone, else. To her despair, she was alone, only a storage container stood behind her.

What reason did they have to go after her? Did she miss a 'No Trespassing' sign on her way in? Had she accidentally forgot to pay for something on the way out of a shop? Or even worse, did Eclair pilfer something again while they were walking thorugh the crowds? She shot a look at her Mawile, who held up her hands in defense and shook her head. Monte had taken to pulling his pants-like shed skin up over his eyes, perhaps thinking he couldn't be seen. She was surrounded now by the squad of police and their growling partners. Running was a terrible idea, and as she couldn't think of anything illegal she had done, she figured she might as well try and find out what was even going on.

"H-hi um, can I help you, officers?" She stuttered out. Stupid! They're going to think you're trying to play dumb! came the thought immediately after. Her heart pounded wildly as she waited for someone to reply.

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