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Kyuu-Tales - You don’t even need time to think about it, you ignore the laughter knowing that right now your priority is getting that tent back! It’s your only tent and you can’t afford to lose it because without it where will you sleep? You tell Baian to use his Water Gun on the Shinx in order to help slow it down! The water shoots through the air and hits one of the Shinx’s back legs, causing it to falter slightly, however, it continues to run. The Shinx looks back and you catch its expression for just a moment, it seems to be an expression of worry. It seems that this Shinx has a destination in mind and doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon. Although it isn’t going to stop for a battle, it does look back and Leers at Baian and he does seem to be slightly effected by it. Now that you are closer, Baian is able to line up his next attack and lets out a dark Smokescreen that quickly begins to fill the area in front of you.

Suddenly, you hear something whiz past your ear, it was moving so fast that it created a bit of a wind that ended up knocking Baian off of your shoulder. Fortunately, you caught him, but it seemed to startle you both nonetheless. Next thing you know a strong Gust of wind is quickly clearing out the smoke as well as nearly blowing you backwards. Once the smoke has cleared you can see the Shinx has regained its distance between you and that now there is an angry looking Pidove looking back at you while flying in the sky above. It appears to be protecting the Shinx. But you still haven’t given up and continue the chase, telling Aiolia, who is much further ahead at this point, to try and Tackle the tent out of that Shinx’s grasp. Aiolia uses all of his energy to gain on at least the tent that is dragging a good distance behind the Shinx and eventually Tackle’s it, managing to dig his claws into the end of the tarp and is now being dragged along with it. The Pidove sees how close Aiolia is to the Shinx and lets out a Growl followed immediately by another Gust. The wind manages to force Aiolia to lose his grip and he tumble backwards, allowing the Shinx to have the advantage once again. The chase continues until suddenly the Shinx runs straight into a hole that seems to have been dug into a hill, the entire tent disappearing inside of there with it. The hole isn’t big enough for you but it’s definitely big enough for your Pokemon. The Pidove lands on the ground in front of the hole and begins to ruffle its feathers up in order to make itself look larger and intimidating. “Cooocoo!!” The Pidove looks like it’s ready to fight in order to stop anyone from entering that hole. It opens its wings preparing to unleash another Gust if it must.

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